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Soul Searching Begins

Soul Searching Questions
Soul Searching Questions

What is important you in life? What is life all about? Why are you here? There are so many questions that we ask about life and our place in it that I thought it was time for some answers. These great questions will help you understand your own thoughts in this area. I have tried to answer each according to my own conscience. Only you can answer these 25 questions for yourself.  

1. Is there really a grand scheme of things?

I believe that absolutely there is a grand plan. We are all filling our part in this plan. You may be wondering just where you fit, but sometimes it is difficult to see your part when you are involved personally in the tasks at hand. You are a valuable player in this game of life and others depend on your behaviors, positive or negative to get where they need to go.

2.Are we born with a destiny to fulfill?

Is there a destiny?
Is there a destiny?

I think that we are all born with a potential for greatness and you have the potential to be great and to experience greatness.  I think that whether you do or do not fulfill your destiny is where your choices of development come.  I think that I have a question about this. No matter what road we choose to take, are we going to end up in the same place in the end? Nobody can know the answer to this. However, that is what makes life interesting.

3. If so, what’s the use of forcing certain things we think should happen to happen?

Have you ever forced something and had success? I know that I have forced things I thought were good for me and they turned out not being very good for me at all.  We are not always the best judge of what is best.  All we can do is make choices and live with the results. When I have forced things, there was a pretty resounding and clear answer that I shouldn’t do that. It can also be painful. We should all take actions toward our goals because actions are the catalyst for anything, but lose your attachment for the results.

4.  If all things come at the right time, then why do we constantly worry about the future?

You can choose to worry if you want to. You can also choose not to worry.
You can choose to worry if you want to. You can also choose not to worry.

Worry is just thoughts we have that make us feel like we are involved in the decision-making process. Some people feel like worrying will keep away all results that are perceived as negative. Some people feel like worrying will prevent them from being disappointed.  I think that all you can do is live your life, worry if you want but it won’t do any good.  I think all things do come at the exact right time, it is just that the clock is not run by what is easiest for us. It is what is best, sometimes hard lessons are best, and that can hurt, but it is always a choice how you respond to any event.  Worry if you want to, but I have found worrying a waste of time.

5. And what do we do during the intervals, while we wait for those predestined things to occur?

Live your life. Live your life. Live your life.  Enjoy what is happening. Why look ahead. because you may feel you have a destiny ten years from now. Who knows how long you have? Enjoy today, if you are looking ahead to find your destiny, you are missing the destiny that is right in front of you today!

6.  Am I just wasting my time in seeking my purpose?

There really are no wastes of time. Some are on the path of enlightenment, some are on the path to video game supremacy. Who can judge what is a waste of time?
There really are no wastes of time. Some are on the path of enlightenment, some are on the path to video game supremacy. Who can judge what is a waste of time?

I don’t know are you wasting your time? Do you think you have control over it? You don’t. Birds gotta fly, fish has gotta swim and you have to look for your purpose. I do not have the insight to tell you what will happen, but the growth you have experienced and the influence you are having on others is truly a good thing, so how could that be a waste of time. Change is inevitable, and if you weren’t changing one way you would be changing another.  Nothing is a waste of time unless you decide it is.

7. Do we even have a purpose? If so, Do you find your purpose or do you create it?

I think we all have a purpose. Does it matter if you create it or you find it? It is there, like a mountain, it is there, it doesn’t matter how it got there, does it? It is there for you to enjoy, climb on and adventure on.  Do what your heart tells you, your purpose will become evident. If it feels right, then do it, if it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.

8.If you’re supposed to find it, how do you go about it?

Live your life. Do what you can, it will find you. When you do something that fuels your fire, pursue it and accept the results that come. Trust that the experience will provide you with the lessons and value that you need. Without being aware, soon your purpose will be evident.

9.  If you’re supposed to create it, how do you go about it?

Live your life. Do what you can, it will find you. Be creative in any way that you can, because creativity is the doorway to creation.  It connects you to your true self and allows you to see a bigger piece of the puzzle. So draw, paint, write, think, tell stories, invent, experiment or do whatever gets your interest.

10.  Is there a Universal Force, a Great Creator, a Divine Source?  Or, is it really just us Humans of skin and bone?

Where do you find
Where do you find Divinity?

I have never been surer of anything in my existence. There is definitely a force greater than ourselves.  If you have become aware then you know this to be true.  As you feel your way through your life. This is the power that connects us and allows us to create, to be unique and powerful human beings.  Our vehicle for this adventure is the human body and it should be valued but our identity is not our body.  If you were born into another body, wouldn’t you still be you?

Skin and bones, dust to dust, the body is temporary,  your soul is eternal. If it is not, how come we do not age on the inside? We don’t.  I feel exactly the same in mind and spirit as I did when I was young.  I have more experience in life but I do not feel differently. Do you?

11.Is there really something spiritual about us and what about Mother Earth?

I think there is definitely something spiritual about the world and you can feel it anytime you get out into a natural setting.  All living things have energy and the energy of one thing will affect the energy of another thing.  Those who neglect this connection, miss out.

12.  Or, am I kidding myself by not facing the cold, hard facts that this is it, this is our reality.

What is this? What reality are you afraid of? Working? Living life? Your reality is exactly what you accept it to be.  You can choose to be spiritual or to not be spiritual. You can accept the world as you see it, birth, school, work, death. or as something more. Personally, I choose something more. It doesn’t mean life has no moments of learning, or work or sadness, but they do not come on a schedule and they can’t be planned. Learning happens each and every day.  Are you kidding yourself? Only you can answer that question. Knowing you I doubt it very much.

13.  Are we really a soul living inside a temporary body?

As I answered above, yes we are. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. All people are connected and through cooperation this becomes evident.

14.  Are we really eternal?Or, does it all end once you’re buried 6 feet under?

I think we are eternal. Yet, of course, we can never be sure. We will find out in the end and that is a part of the mystery of life.  I am not worried about if I am wrong because what difference does it make?  Would you live life differently day-to-day? Most people wouldn’t.

15. Are we really all one and the same?

We are all connected and from the same, I think. My experience is different from yours, we may have different backgrounds and speak different languages or be different ages. Yet there are many things the same.  We each have a mind, heart, and soul.  So does everyone else out there.  Inside we are quite the same, I can relate and understand your experience and you can understand mine if you try.

16. Are we really all connected?

We are all unique but connected I think. There is no separation between you and me, or you and anyone else in the world. That is why I think it is important to see all people with a kind heart and soft eyes. No matter what their position in life, they are simply another version of you.  If you were born in different circumstances or experienced different things, who knows what things you would have done?  Be kind and look for the human connection between all of us.

17. If so, then why do I feel so separate?

Why do you feel so separate? Do you try to connect with others? Since I feel that each of us is connected to each other, it must be a choice to feel separate.  Maybe you need to have the experience that you are alone, who knows. Ten years from now you will have a different answer I think.

It is an illusion of separateness that we accept as true. We look at ourselves as islands of experience, unique to us, but we are connected and all people have a similar core. Look at people as a connected part of you and they will be. Or continue to see the illusion of being separate. The choice is yours.

18. Is there really no magic in us?

There is magic in everyone. Unique and powerful magic.  Look at all of the things that have already come from your life.  You have created unique and powerful things and I have benefited from them. No magic? What are you looking for? Magic beans? You have provided plenty of magic already and you are just getting started. There is a future of magic and wonder coming for you and from you.  Why else would you be asking all of these questions?

19. Are we really just a brain, an arm, and a leg?

I think we are much,  much more. There are people who lack arms or legs and still have a divine spark of creation that makes them think and feel just like anyone with all their body parts.  There is a divinity involved in the human experience.

20. Is there really a calling?

I don’t know, do you feel like you were called? I think there is being yourself and that is a calling.  You are looking for answers to questions that deep down you already know the answers to.

21. Is the voice I’m hearing someone’s other than my own?

What does it matter? There is a dialogue in each of us, we ask questions continually and someone answers. Is it God, is it us or a combination of both. Again I wonder if it matters. We are who we are.  The dialogue in our head is ours and can add a lot of clarity into the actions we should take if you take the time to listen.

22. Or, am I just a raving lunatic talking to myself?

Yes, you are a raving lunatic.  If that is what you think. I do not think so because having questions is a natural part of life and most people don’t get to the point that they even know there are any questions let alone the answers to them.

23.Intuition or Institutional?

Do what you feel is the right thing. If you end up in a small room with no windows you will have your answer. If you don’t you will also have your answer.

24.Spiritual: creative, connected, enlightened, eternal beings?Or Physical: material, logical, moral, uninspired things?


25.Are you a spiritual being?

6 thoughts on “Some Beliefs”

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad I am not the only one out here who thinks like this! I am glad we have connected as well! Keep your good thoughts coming. 🙂

  1. I should be studying right now but phoewie those questions. I particulary like number 11. It reminds of that movie the happening. I do see the Earth as a breathing and thinking organism. I love being in the forest it’s where I feel like everything stops for a moment and all is ok. As per 13. I so hope we do and it’s good to hear someone else say it. I don’t believe it but I do hope. Then again.. what really lies inside the hollows of a ceramic robot.

    Intuition all the the way.. Unless we’re talking cookies. 😉

    I once had a conversation with a friend of mine who’s reason for not believing in God was that if God exists the devil must exist too.

    Sometimes I do wonder about this. The balance.

    1. Great questions, don’t you think? Always so good to hear from you my Bacon. I do believe in God, but did not have great experience with organized religion. I am grateful for the thoughts! “Mr. Tookles”

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