What Choice or Free Will?


Making-Choices-At-Cross-Roads-represents-Free-Will-Arriving-at-a-Cross-Road-represents-destinyI have often wondered if there is really such a thing as free will or are we just following predetermined cosmic paths created for us to experience.

Constantly people are faced with challenges and situations which always give them a key experience or understanding that they need to accomplish a goal or create something that never could have been accomplished without it.  Did you make choices about your actions or was it your destiny?

At times it seems that life is an intricately planned dance, that we are merely providing a well-rehearsed part.  So I am going to determine once and for all right here if you should listen to your heart or if it is an illusion that you have any choice at all.

You Have a Choice

One side of this argument is that we all have the free will and choice to do whatever we want to do. There are no facts to back up this idea, only philosophy.

I think that I like the thought that I am in control of certain things.  I have the option to decide which thoughts I pay attention to and which actions I participate in. The reason I think this has validity is that many people go through relatively the same experiences, and some choose to quit, hide from and be bitter about life.

Where others choose to use the circumstances as a motivation for getting something done, accomplishing the unthinkable, and proving life You-have-a-choice.wrong. You can most likely find both of these experiences inside of yourself.

I believe we all have a choice in how we respond to the difficulties that life serves up to you on your plate of experience. The daily choices we make work to weave the ultimate experience that we have in this life.  If there is no choice then what is the point?

All As It Was Meant To Be

destiny-1Another thought is that everything is placed out in front of you and you are following a path that is set for you by God, the universe, the great beyond or destiny (whatever you choose to believe).  To me, this means that there is something in front of you that is going to happen regardless of your decisions.

If this is the case then each choice you make is no choice at all, it is just you playing a predetermined part.  It would be ironic if this turns out to be true. Some decisions we languish over and spend hours of worry and stress about and in the end, your decision is already recorded in the books. We are just part of the illusion of control that makes us feel better.

Destiny is a great idea because it kind of relieves the pressure. Things may not be as I want them right now, but I am moving toward greatness because it is written in the stars. (or not) I believe that the thought of true destiny without our participation would make no sense but that is why we play this game of life, to try to figure out the rules required to win.

The Combo Pack

destiny-or-free-will_06_2011I really think that there might be a combination of these two elements at work in everyone’s life. You are living your life and you are faced with decisions each and every day. You have the ability to be great and the decisions you make determine if you reach your potential or not.

Each and every choice that we make reflects on our experience of life and where we are going and what we do when we get there.  My personal experiences tend to jibe with this combo pack mentality of potential destiny.

If I listened to my heart I would delete this post. Or perhaps it is my destiny to post it. Or maybe the choice of posting or not will turn my life point my life down one of two divergent roads each of which has a million different experiences on them before ending up in exactly the same place.   Makes you wonder if there is really any point to worrying about anything at all. Perhaps just listen to your heart, cross your fingers and hope for the best is the most positive thing you can do.

So what do you think?

A. By not commenting you believe that the universe is on autopilot and what happens will happen

B. You can comment, knowing that your free will to comment will affect your future, my future and the future of mankind.

C. It doesn’t matter what you do, the same result will occur.

D. All of the Above


8 thoughts on “What Choice or Free Will?”

    1. Great answer Ann. Yes it is always good to see that the year(s) of living non-judgmentally is still rolling along.
      G. Grateful for the comment.

  1. I think I mentioned that movie Mr Nobody before.. every path is the right path.. but I do think in this moment that sometimes you need to, with all the strength you have left, to choose the path most unlikely and painful. Kinda like being a moth drawn to the light.

    Someone told me the more wrong a change feels the better it is. I dont know about this all and sometimes I want to throw rocks at the universe but maybe in the night of life it’s best to fly to the light. Regardless.

    1. Well, I can tell you that I would go with what experience has taught me, not what someone told you. We give power to whatever we choose to believe. If someone tells you that the “more wrong a change feels the better it is.” That is only going to be as true as you make it. I would disagree with that assessment. Most changes are difficult, but they don’t have to feel wrong to be right. Don’t throw rocks, you might hit something you care about. Besides I have found that things more or less work out for the best when you just let them work themselves out.

      1. Yeah.. I’m at a point in life where I doubt all. I;m glad you shared your opinion.. I’m trying real hard to figure out what good choices are. I’m thinking about what you say about throwing rocks.. ultimately they’d fall back on my tiny head.. ah if everything was as simple as bacon.

    1. It is true. Most of the stuff we believe was put on us when we were young and we just hang on to it. The reality that we experience each day is a reflection of these beliefs. If they are bad, then negative things result, if they were good, then good things. The great part is that all of the negative ones can be changed, if you want them to. 🙂

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