Turning Over Rocks

Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?

I think that I have to answer this question by saying that I am doing what

doing what you believe in
Do You Believe?

I believe in because I Am sincerely searching to find what it is I do believe in and what I am doing is giving me the ability to keep looking for the right path for me.

I believe for much of my life I was settling for what I was doing, and that led ultimately to a life that was unfulfilled, unexciting and fake.

Life had been moving along just fine, a job, a career, a belief that I was

doing what you belive
And Achieve

doing what I should, and on the surface, it seemed that was where I should have been.

But below the surface, I never felt quite right about it.  It always felt like there was something significant missing, but for many years I was able to ignore that feeling and just carry on.

There were many good times, and great experiences but in the end, there was a feeling that I should be doing much more with my life.

Finally, circumstances came into place that made me face significant questions about who I was, and what I wanted from life. I would recommend to anyone to be careful of asking too many questions unless you are ready for answers you may not like.

Once the ball started rolling, I couldn’t stop if I tried. I was turning over rocks

finding answers under rocks
Find Answers Under Rocks

to see what answers were under them, finding usually another rock which provided another question, which needed another answer.

There are many questions that I will never answer, but the point isn’t to find an answer but to strive for an answer and find the truth about yourself along the way.

So as I continue to search for truth I am doing what I believe in, and that is treating everyone I meet with respect, making honoring choices and trying to be the best person I can be.

Appreciating all of the experiences I am fortunate enough to have in life and making the world a better place for those who I come in contact with.  That is all anyone can do, I think to make this experience the best we can for all involved.

Life is definitely not boring or fake to me, I know that everything that I have experienced is for a reason, and there is meaning in every part of it, I appreciate that and believe that in my own way I am making a difference and will continue to for as long as I am fortunate to be a living human being on the planet.

So that is what I believe in and what I am doing in everything that I do.  There is no time for settling anymore. There are far too many rocks to be turned over, answers to be shared and truths to find.


12 thoughts on “Turning Over Rocks”

    1. You do never know, lately I have found a lot of great surprises. Lets hope that continues! Keep up the great writing I loved your post , it happened one night, I think I did that before. 🙂

    1. It seems like you are!! I read your post about singing in your basement and performing all of the songs from movies. That was a great visual story. Hope you are singing your songs loudly and proudly. Thanks for commenting and getting rid of those limiting thoughts about your singing. 🙂

  1. You just described my life path, Jon. I was counting the days/years until retirement. This was the first indication that I wasn’t doing what I believed in or inspired me. Then circumstances came into play that made me face the hard questions as well. So grateful for the hard questions and your blog. {{{hugs]}} Kozo

    1. Circumstances will always seem to push you in the direction where you should go, whether you agree or not. The end result will be where you should be. No matter what you do to fight it or get away from it, always we seem to come back to where we should be. Thanks Kozo for the great comments and the great writing you do on your blog, it helps a lot of people and I think that in the future it will help a lot more.

  2. Very tough question. I am striving to do what I would love. Right now however; circumstances are making me learn to accept settling while I prepare. Sometimes things in life are just out of our control.

    1. That is the truth Ann, sometimes they are just out of our control, and after things are all said and done, often times these out of control circumstances will have been very valuable for your ultimate success. Keep your goals squarely in mind and you will find what you are looking for. 🙂

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