We all have faced challenges and suffered at some point. What did you do with the experience?

Nobody would ever seek out experiences which are painful and cause suffering, but life often presents us with many of things which are difficult and out of our comfort zones. The great thing is these situations bring with them an opportunity for growth. It is through our resilience that people gain confidence, learn life lessons, and grow into a better version of themselves.  look for the opportunity that comes with each and every challenge that you face.

Change is a Tool of Resilience

When troubles come into your life, they will inevitably bring a call to change along with them. People

New roads open up when you look for them.

tend to settle into routines that allow us to be comfortable with everything. However, comfort may not be the best thing for accomplishing new goals or developing new perspectives and becoming our best selves. Loss can present a challenge that forces us out of the grooves of life’s complacency that have dictated our actions for too long.  This can be the skip in the record that pushes you toward that goal, relationship or dream.  Don’t fight with it, understand that you have the resiliency inside of you to handle, bounce back and overcome any adversity that you face.

Many challenges are sitting there waiting for you. They exist just outside of your comfort zone and are ready to teach their lessons when you find the courage to attempt to handle them. It could be a new career path, a new relationship or just trying something for the first time. Resiliency is your power to bounce back from setbacks and rise to a new height. All great people have this power because it is impossible to be great without experiencing some issues that challenge us to our core.

The risk of an unknown path is suddenly worth the reward of a new experience, or love or income stream. You are shaken out of your routine of complacency and pushed into a chance for success.  There is no reward without a risk of failure, change forces growth and that promotes risk.  Take the chance to travel the pathways that are open in front of you. Embrace the path and trust that you have the resilient energy to overcome any problem that you might face. Your resilience is a treasure.

Guiding Hand Of Life

All people have goals and dreams that help propel them forward. Life has a way of helping you along.

Life will guide you toward the things you are supposed to experience if you let it.

Sometimes in order to get where we want to go, there needs to be a push or a pull on our actions.  Hard times can provide the momentum we need. How many times have you asked, “Why Me?”, in the moment. Only to understand years later how the dots all connected to provide you with a great experience, or success that could not have possibly happened any other way? All things, even the most painful can work for good if you allow them the time to do so, and you pay attention.

Life will guide you down the best path for you, but it is still up to us to decide what our lives are going to look like. Do we sit still, or do we move? It is your choice to live in triumph and conquer new worlds or to sit in self-pity and defeat. It is always up to our free will and we are given the choice, many times a day as to our direction and experience. Listen to life, look for the compass and have the courage to follow. All difficulties have a silver lining inside if you look for them and it will almost always come in the form of growth and understanding.

A Better Version of You

It is through this new level of understanding that you will find a better version of you. There are levels of resilienceyour consciousness that you will never scratch as long as your life moves along, undisturbed without any form of suffering. I think that is just the way the people are designed. If things are going well there is no need to change them.

We are all responsible for the choices that we make in response to each challenge we face. Many will blame others for their situation, and circumstance for their bad fortune, but in the end, the reckoning lies with the choices that we have made and continue to make. We are ultimately in control of our choices and therefore in control of all aspects of our lives. We can’t blame the events that are out of our control, we can only accept the responsibility for our choices after the fact. These choices will define success or failure for us from that moment on.

Pain hurts but it isn’t fatal. Nobody in their right mind would seek out difficulties, but when they come, as they inevitably will in life, be aware of the opportunity that comes with them as well. To choose to sit still and watch our wounds fester is a dead-end street. Accept the scars and move on to what is in front of you. Trust your resilience.

You are amazing!!

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