creativityCreativity to me used to be a word that I thought only others could do.  I  never felt that I was much of an artist or a craftsman at anything at all.  My art was ridiculous, by writing was atrocious and anything else I tried to make was a mockery to anything called perfection. It was with this attitude that I started this journey of creation.  Shortening the space between myself and the world.

Breaking The Rules

I’m a Rule Breaker

As a human being living on the Earth, you are constantly bombarded with warnings from the time you are born, until the time your life here is done.  People tell you the rules, clearly and with very little gray area, what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Some were designed to keep you physically safe, but many were designed to keep you from being original, or standing out in any way.

Escape Your Limits

personal growth
These walls are built when we are young and live in our minds as limiting beliefs.

Look around you and see what is there to stop you from achieving personal growth. As I examine the life that I am living I see things that appear to limit what I can accomplish. There are walls, both literally and figuratively around me, that make taking some actions seem difficult to nearly impossible.  The excuses of life are used, one on top of another, each with their own fear.  Unfortunately, it seems that once you start to accept limits in one area of life they will creep into all parts of your life and stop you from not only being your best, but also accomplishing your worthwhile goals and dreams. Don’t be discouraged, the exciting thing is that if you look inside yourself there is an answer. It is the strength and courage to accomplish great things. You have to believe in yourself and doing this is the best kind of personal growth.

The Loss of A Loved One

Loss of a loved one One of the things we all must deal with as we walk through the world is the loss of a loved one.  This loss can be sudden and swift or slow and painful but no matter how this loss occurs the pain of missing someone who is a light in your life is not lessened.  There really can be no words to describe the empty void that is left behind.  Inevitably life will continue as it must, and you will move on with your daily experiences because that is what we must eventually do.  But those activities will always be brushed by the thoughts of our loved ones that have passed away.

Motivational Thoughts

Motivational thoughts
When life gets you down, take action.

Motivational Thoughts

If you are feeling like you are stuck in a rut or that life doesn’t offer you any real surprises on your journey you need some motivational thoughts to inspire you.  There are things that you can choose to do that will allow you to feel a sense of wonder again and help you get a little more enjoyment in your life.

Some thoughts to start with

  1. Make a list of six things you could do this evening.  Then roll a dice and let the fates decide your activity!

The Wise Taoist Awakes

The wise taoist awakes
The Tao Of Martin

Taoist awakes and for no reason decides to go for a stroll.  He walks for a while, and with his stomach growling, he stops to meditate.  His thoughts are clear as he sits upon a well-used rock.   He “just is” happy because his days are fruitful when the wind takes him to this well-worn path.

In the distance, he spies a Buddhist ascending the cliff that separates the path.  He “just knows” the man follows the ways of the Buddha simply by the route that he chose and the look on his face.  The Taoist meets many types of men on his walks and the Buddhist will say, “My search will not be abandoned at any point in my struggle.”  People often come to the Taoist for his wisdom theTaoist is reluctant to speak.

The Dream of Life- Alan Watts

12670219_1556114301082827_991541707486023803_nSome great thoughts by Alan Watts about the dream of life. That all of life is a dream that is getting more and more surprising over time. Each lifetime is a dream and the ending of the dream is unknown and surprising for each person. Each dream goes further and further and then you dream about living the life that you are living today. Everybody is fundamentally the ultimate reality in your life. We are all that only we are pretending we are not.

Overcoming My Fears

My fears
My fears follow me like a ghost.

I often write in generic terms, through which I remove my emotions from the words, which  makes the thoughts clearer for others to understand, but today my connection to the topic is personal, my connection to my fears. Each day there seems to be a different mix of emotions, I move from fear to bravery to fear and back again.  Fear to me is a force we are all learning to deal with but my fears are much more constant and larger than I once believed. Overcoming them is the secret to moving forward in life, or more likely to move forward is overcoming my fears.

Power of Resilience

We all have faced challenges and suffered at some point. What did you do with the experience?

Nobody would ever seek out experiences which are painful and cause suffering, but life often presents us with situations which are uncomfortable, difficult and out of our comfort zones. The great thing is that these situations bring with them a great opportunity for growth. It is through our resilience that people gain confidence, learn life lessons, and grow into a better version of yourself.  look for the opportunity that comes with each and every challenge that you face.

Begin Again

begin againToday forget your past, forgive yourself and begin again.

Each day brings with it a choice for you to decide how to live your life. Do you stay tied to the past that is gone?  Is it holding you in place and not allowing you to move forward? Do you blame yourself for mistakes that are done and over with, and can’t be changed no matter what you do? Do you stay stuck in a place of pain and misery?

The Dark Gift

box of darkness “Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”― Mary Oliver

All experiences in life are an opportunity for growth and learning. The person you are today has been built brick by brick from the things that you have gone through both good and bad.  Those things that were not so enjoyable or were extremely painful are often considered darkness and the darkness that comes into our lives can be difficult to get rid of even many years later. Unfortunately, as we are going through these dark times there is no real way to gauge the benefits that are coming to us down the road, but that doesn’t make the value any less tangible.  What makes a situation dark? Is it something that another has done to us? or is it our own weakness and inability to say goodbye and move on?