Mirror, Mirror


I was thinking about honesty today and wondering why we do the things we do and speak certain words. Am I sincere? Is that really what I think? Most people go through an entire day and never consider the honesty or value that their words contain. Do you?

“I Love  the way you look!”

Thoughts come to us all the time and we can’t control when they come and what they say.  The statement above “I love the way you look”,  is one that I just had.  It brings to mind the Law of Mirrors in karma.  Basically, it states that the things you can observe in others exist in you.  If it doesn’t exist in you then noticing that it exists in others is impossible or at least it doesn’t seem objectionable to you. How many times do we find fault with others and upon introspection, realize the same thing lives inside of us? That is because they do.

Try a Little Honesty Inside

I challenge you to give this phenomenon a try in an honest manner and I think you will be stunned by the accuracy of the Law of Mirrors in your life.   Simply notice all of your thoughts about other people you come in contact with in a day.  Evaluate them as they come. Some will be positive, some will be negative, don’t judge, just notice. Then look at yourself, and see if that thing actually exists inside you.

Sometimes the thoughts I produce each day are not nice and can be overly Fotolia_21529305_Mkarma-law-of-mirrors-copymean and critical of someone else’s physical appearance, job, or family life.  I think that it is instinctual to judge others, that is how our ancient ancestors assessed danger and survived. What we choose to pay attention to is vital to the quality of the life we live and in this case in understanding ourselves.

When you look at the people you see from this perspective, it either becomes increasingly difficult to be critical of others and it becomes a lot easier to look for the good in all people.  This law is not negative or positive, it just is.  Just as the mirror you peer in to check your hair, the mirror has no choice about the reflection it sends back.  The same can be said about your mirrorssoul.

Try to notice all of your thoughts and recognize the things within yourself that need to be improved or more important the great things about you that exist.  There are only two ways to go in life, and they are getting better or getting worse.  I know which way I want to go.

Notice your critical or positive thoughts of others.

Understand that whatever you notice exists in you.

Accept it, change it or let it go.

What annoys you or makes you happy, exists inside of you!

What is it that YOU observe?

3 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror”

  1. what a fun song!!!! I love looking at others to see what i can say to encourage them. it is not as easy to encourage myself….odd.

    1. Isn’t it funny how we are so hard on ourselves. The one person who we can always encourage and we choose not to. I think it is because we know all of our flaws and perhaps don’t think we deserve encouragement. We do though. Perhaps self encouragement is all we need to move forward into our dreams and to achieve our goals. All I am sure of is that we do deserve it Kris. Believe in yourself.

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