Life is What You Make It

today is what you make itEach day you wake up and have a simple choice as to what type of day you are going to experience.  Is it a great day? A good day? A boring day? A bad day? A disappointing day? The decision that you make will determine how your day goes. Our attitude is the biggest factor in how much we experience in life.  Life is what you choose to make it.

One of the most important factors that determines our attitude is the way that we look at our lives and the world. How do you spend your time? Do you look for ways to give to others? American society is make today greatcentered on personal gain.  The more you have the more successful you are.  This measurement leaves out a lot of important factors that measure not only you worth but your value to others.  Joy and satisfaction often comes from what you give to others and the gain for you is not a monetary one but a spiritual one. Happiness comes from within.  Seek opportunities to give to others.

All things each day provide us with the opportunity to find beauty and magic in all things.  If you are spending your time destroying others or yourself, in reputation or in feeling, you are on the path to failure.  If you know someone who is thirsty, give them a drink. If they are hungry, get them some food. If they are feeling low, treat them with kindness. If they need a friend, then be one to them.

All of these values most of us were exposed to when we were young, but how many of our teachers and role satisfactionmodels actually practiced them. This practice is what makes the lesson last, and moves the action to a new generation.

You have total control over what type of day you are going to have. Is this a great day with unbelievable potential for good? Or is this a day of boredom and perpetual letdowns? You are the one who decides the direction of your day and the course of your life.  Your life will definitely be what you make it.


4 thoughts on “Life is What You Make It”

  1. I made that second pic my wallscreen. It will be th first thing I see after turning my alarm off. Now maybe if i can add a bacon picture too. Nothing would get me down again 🙂 wonderful post n awesome pic find!

    1. I will work on that picture of bacon for you. There is a country bar in Portland, Maine which gives out cups of free bacon during happy hour each day. I see their advertisements all the time and think, “what a great place for Mr. Tookles.” 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting, it brightens up my day to hear from you!!

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