Mind Games

Do you know your mind? How much time do you spend consciously

subconscious mind
subconscious mind

exploring the origins of your thought?  The power and existence or the subconscious mind control much of our reality. In fact, it is a bit shocking that so many people seem to live life with a blissful lack of awareness about the source of the majority of their behavior and reality. So let’s get to know your mind.

The Creator of Thought- Conscious Mind

conscious mindThe conscious mind is the part of the mind that produces thought. It is used to set goals and it judges all results. It revels in new ideas and creative activities. The goals in the future are determined here and often the path chosen is on past experience. According to Bruce Lipton of The Biology of Belief, it is capable of processing on average 2,000 bits of information per second.  The conscious mind is only able to handle a few tasks at a time.  We think this mind is in control, it will come up with ideas and allow us to thrive and be successful in the world.

The Man Behind the Curtain- Subconscious

The real power in our lives is the subconscious mind. It is continually the-power-of-subconscious-mindworking on our behalf, running its programs in the background, much like a computer. It has an awesome capacity, it is believed this mind can handle 4 billion bits of information per second, and take care of thousands of tasks at once. It is responsible for regulating most bodily functions without a problem. The subconscious is predominantly focused on the present moment but does use past experiences to efficiently solve today’s problems.

Anyone who drives has witnessed the Subconscious mind in action. When you are driving down the road and your mind is distracted by conversation or thought and your conscious mind “drifts away”, you still drive down the road without really paying attention. You snap out of it and don’t really remember how you got where you are.  Thank you subconscious mind.

Minds Working Together

The real power of the subconscious mind is that many believe it dictates what we experience in reality. The experiences we have had led to the programming of the mind and this programming forms beliefs based on the_power_of_your_subconscious_mindour interactions at an early age with parents, family members, teachers, the media, or any other significant force in life. These beliefs can be positive or negative, depending on your experiences, and your beliefs lead to perceptions and how you view the world.

Your perceptions dictate your reality, success, understanding and ultimately your happiness with your life. The subconscious responds to life through this programming.  The conscious mind can be used to create your life. By changing the way that you think, it is possible to change the reality that you experience each and every day.

So all beliefs can be affected by conscious choice, which changes the programming of the subconscious mind, where 90% of our actions come from. This process is the key to creating your life in the manner you desire.

Much of what we believe to be true is the result of faulty programming that we built based on the inaccurate beliefs of others. Consciously evaluate your beliefs. Decide the truth in them and where they came from. Change them if they do not serve you or provide a positive life experience.

3 thoughts on “Mind Games”

  1. I wonder what the puppeteer in my head is up too 🙂 Had to think about it a lot. Right now just smiling and drinking rooibos tea.

    I’ve often wondered about intution and whether another being steers us. From within.

    Some more tea.

    Which mind do you think loves bacon the most? Njoy your weekend 🙂

    1. That is a lot to think about “Mr. Tookles”. I certainly know that whoever is steering you, from wherever they are, they are doing a good job! Enjoy your tea and I will send you some bacon. 🙂

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