What are you most grateful for?

by Jonathan Hilton  

gratitude 111It is a difficult task indeed to start to think about what you are most grateful for. Many people will say money. Some will say love. Some will say family. Some will say something else entirely.

I am thankful for all these things, but to me there is no doubt that showing your gratitude is the most important thing to do. The feeling of gratitude is important.  So for me I guess the act of feeling grateful is the thing I am most grateful for today.  Here is why.

Taking things for Granted

gratitude-quotes-16I was the type of person who took many great things in my life for granted. Not appreciating the things that people did for me, out of the goodness of their hearts. Yet I was not grateful, in fact I think I felt entitled to all the things I had in my life.

 The problem with that is that you are never really happy with what you have, but always angry or worried about what you don’t have. This is the problem with a lack of gratitude, no matter how much you get your are never truly happy.

When You Lose Everything, You are Grateful for Anything

GratefulIn my life I had the good fortune to lose everything. In that time of turmoil, there are a lot of feelings of self-pity, and anger that eventually will consume you or push you to make changes.  I made the decision to change.

 It started with a change in attitude. The sun didn’t rise and set because I existed and I could make a decision every day to decide how that day to be happy.  Happiness started with a realization of how lucky I was to have anything at all.

That realization expressed provides the feeling of gratitude. When it comes to events that are difficult to deal with, you designation of either good or bad is your perception of the experience.  The experience is still the same. You might as well be grateful for it.

Gratitude leads to more Gratitude

Once you take a moment to express your gratitude each day, it has been my experience that deepakthe momentum will build and you will find more in your life to be grateful for.  I have read that the act of being grateful is one of the most important emotions that you can experience, because it opens the door for more things to enter your life that will deserve gratitude.

So I am most grateful for the time I take each day to appreciate fully what I experience in my life each and every day.  Away from labels of good or bad, they are experiences that provide all of the situations that combine to teach me the things I need to know to follow my purpose.  It is the moments of thankfulness that we find what is great in ourselves.

What are you most grateful for?


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