Motivational Thoughts

Motivational thoughts
When life gets you down, take action.

Motivational Thoughts

If you are feeling like you are stuck in a rut or that life doesn’t offer you any real surprises on your journey you need some motivational thoughts to inspire you.  There are things that you can choose to do that will allow you to feel a sense of wonder again and help you get a little more enjoyment in your life.

Some thoughts to start with

  1. Make a list of six things you could do this evening.  Then roll a dice and let the fates decide your activity!
  2. Find somebody else on the Internet with the same name as you, get in touch and try to make a new friend. There are a lot of people with the same name and a different story. See what happens.
  3. Visit Wikipedia and click the “Random Article” link on the left-hand side.  Get lost in the site for an hour, discovering worlds you never knew existed.  If the article talks about a place nearby, drive there.
  4. Decide to say “Yes!” to everything for a month, a week or even just for a day.  See what doors open for you!
  5. Open an atlas, close your eyes, and randomly stab your finger anywhere on the page.  Decide to go there for your next vacation. Or at least spend a half hour learning all you can about that region of the world.
  6. Join an internet dating site, and remember what it feels like to flirt a little! If you are already happy in your relationship then do something spontaneous together and remember why you love each other.
  7. Lookup and hook up with old friends from school or somewhere in your past. That may spark some motivational thoughts that could reenergize your life and reality. those who knew you in the past remind you of things you haven’t thought about in a long time and some of these things are going to help you.
  8. Buy an item of food from the supermarket you would never usually purchase.  Indulge! Change! Be different and that may start to get you out of your rut.

Some more Motivational thoughts for your day

  1.  Send a random “Hello!” text message to the person with the cell number one digit up and down from you.
  2.  Get to know our neighbors, we live in a society that is so afraid that they keep to themselves. Meet some of the great people right in your living space.

  3. Decide to “play” today.  Go to the seaside, enjoy a little bowling, play a board-game with family, go outside, enjoy a walk, move!!

  4. Be mischievous.  Play a prank and don’t worry about getting caught! There are many jokes that can be done tastefully and respectfully. Be sure that the person you are pranking or joking with is acceptable to that kind of interaction.

  5. Enjoy a leisurely meal with your loved ones…..share the preparation of the meal…..enjoy the time together.Celebrate your love ones by creating a family journal of photos,

  6. Celebrate your love ones by creating a family journal of photos, notes, and special memories.

  7. Spend time walking in an inspiring natural location with a friend yo haven’t seen for a while.  Enjoy conversing with your friend – listen to their insights and share some of yours.

  8. Go for a 20-minute power walk to clear your mind, boost your circulation and improve your energy levels.

  9. Buy 12 life enhancing books and read one a month.

  10. Try a completely new activity something you haven’t done before and enjoy the adventure of learning something new.

  11. Sit under a tree for an hour or three and just do nothing.  Listen to the sound of nature’s voice.  Enjoy the stillness of being in the moment

  12. Do something nice for someone you don’t know and do it anonymously.  Your feel good factor will soar as a result of our kindness.

  13. Join a dance class. Go wild, have fun and enjoy the freedom of moving to the music.  Try a local five rhythms class if you prefer spiritual over disco or salsa.

  14. Spend a night stargazing.  You cannot fail to be awe inspired by the magical, vast universe that is out there.

  15. Rekindle old friendships…spend a day catching up and enjoying the company of old friends

  16. Go out to the nearest city with the intention of making one new friend.  Strike up random conversations, visit coffee shops and libraries, and see where the day takes you.

Bonus Motivational thoughts

  1. Be creative: take a pottery class: learn how to paint with oils: try basket weaving. Do something creative that allows you to connect with the natural power within us all.

  2. Do something spontaneous, and for no reason at all, just for the sake of improving your motivational thoughts. There doesn’t have to be a reason behind everything you do.

  3. Go visit a nearby comedy club and enjoy some always enjoyable laughter.

  4. Anything else you can think of that will spice up your existence and allow you to stay out of a rut. Change is the key to motivational thoughts.

Take a moment and give these inspirational thoughts some consideration today. You don’t have to try them all but doing just one will allow you to add some excitement back into your life.  Motivational thoughts will indeed lead to motivational actions.

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