Escape Your Limits

personal growth
These walls are built when we are young and live in our minds as limiting beliefs.

Look around you and see what is there to stop you from achieving personal growth. As I examine the life that I am living I see things that appear to limit what I can accomplish. There are walls, both literally and figuratively around me, that make taking some actions seem difficult to nearly impossible.  The excuses of life are used, one on top of another, each with their own fear.  Unfortunately, it seems that once you start to accept limits in one area of life they will creep into all parts of your life and stop you from not only being your best, but also accomplishing your worthwhile goals and dreams. Don’t be discouraged, the exciting thing is that if you look inside yourself there is an answer. It is the strength and courage to accomplish great things. You have to believe in yourself and doing this is the best kind of personal growth.

Beliefs Lead to Personal Growth

It is my belief that all of us are born with the ability

personal growth
Escape to the greatness of your potential. Look deep inside of yourself and see what is there.

and potential to be great and to accomplish fantastic things. It is the barriers that we have built for ourselves that has often held us back from achieving success in our pursuits. The simple belief that “I am simply not good enough.” Or “I don’t deserve it.” , can stop almost any endeavor before they have a chance to get off the ground.  These barriers are some of the greatest factors which force us to act in a small way when bigger more dynamic actions are required. If we act with a small intention, it can’t be too surprising when the results are small as well. Only through a concentration on personal growth will we see a bigger target and act in a bigger manner.

Understand Limits Honestly for Personal Growth

So it comes down to learning to look at your limitations with honest thought and recognition, understanding what is really in your way and what is an excuse. All of us have built walls called beliefs that

personal growth
It can be frightening and painful, but an action is the only way to find what you can do.

have been ingrained into us since we were very young. Some served us well and helped to keep us safe.  Yet it is my recent experience that safe isn’t going to lead to growth, and only through growth and change can new things come into your life. If you never do anything differently than your life will never change and the goals that you dream about will never be met. They will just remain wisps of thought, floating out in front of you like a movie on a screen. It is just imagination and it isn’t real. By making a plan for personal development, and taking action they can become real and tangible parts of your life.

Positive Choice for Personal Growth

The choice is to start to look for a boulder answer. To stop limiting ourselves and move forward toward our dreams with an understanding that success, in one form or another is out there and only through action and belief in ourselves is it attainable.  There is greatness in each person and it is time to knock down the walls that are limiting you which are merely the creation of your own thoughts and experiences.  Your

personal growth
Only escaping the walls of your limiting beliefs can make your contribution be seen by others.

ego will be very happy to keep you in a safe place without challenges, safe and sound. That is because safe and sound provides an illusion that looks like a good way to live. Ask yourself: are you satisfied? Have you reached your potential? Have you found the gold that lies inside you? Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones that have, but if you haven’t then I urge you to start to reach for your goals and find the board that you were meant to play your game on and by all means, PLAY IT BIG!  Escape from the walls of your own perceived limitations and pick a dream and chase it for personal growth.

With personal growth you may even reach the Hall of Fame…………………….

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