Three Lies We Believe


Ego-False Self
Which would you rather be?

All of us have an ego. It tells us things about ourselves and about life that isn’t true. In fact, the majority of thoughts your ego creates are based on fear and are designed to keep you from making positive changes in your life.  Here are some of the lies that your ego feeds you each day.

Lie # 1 You are what you own.

Your are not what you own
You are much more than this……

Many of us literally buy into this one. Our ego equates accumulating things with being important, safe, successful and of course happy. Yet, even though this thought is in our heads, experience teaches everyone, that the largest pile of material goods is not going to make you a good person.  Once a purchase is made, there is a momentary gratification which is followed by a search for the next possession. You are clearly not what you have but what you think and do.

Lie # 2 You are what you do for a living.

In American society, this is particularly true. When you

You are not your job
Are you happy?

meet someone, one of the first questions asked is, what do you do for a living? Why? We believe that we can glean their success, value and personal development by the profession one decides to pursue. This is a lie as well. What someone does for work, does not define their character, caring, kindness and ability to care about others.  This is your ego, looking to measure yourself against someone else, and making yourself feel better about your own life, choices, and prospects.  It has no merit at all as to your value and contributions as a person. A profession is what you do to make money, not who you are as a person.

Lie # 3: What others think of you defines you.

One of the most harmful lies your ego tells you. It is a simple fact that some people are going to love you,

Prison of what others think
Who wants to live in a prison?

some are going to not like you so much. Most of the reasons for this have nothing to do with you but have more to do with that person’s biases and experiences. Most often, when a person notices something about another that bothers them, it is because it reflects something back to them that they don’t like about themselves.

Often I have found myself, creating imaginary thoughts in the minds of others, in which I make clear assumptions about their thoughts of me, with absolutely no factual evidence at all. Then to give validity to these thoughts, (which don’t really exist) is insane.  Some thoughts that help me – 1. What someone else thinks of me is none of my business. 2. Ego is not who you areNever form assumptions about another’s thoughts. 3. Even if someone thinks something negative about you, it doesn’t make it true.

One of the most difficult lessons here is to learn to not care about what others think about you. Your thoughts and feelings about what you do are all that should be important.

The bottom line is that you have control over the thoughts that you entertain and add validity to in your life. Choosing to add value to negative thoughts about yourself is a self-defeating activity that can be changed at any moment.  You are not your possessions, your job or what others think of you……….That begs the question, “Who are you then?”  Looking for this answer is the first step on your way to an expanded consciousness, a deeper understanding of life and feeling more fulfillment in your life.

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