Change Your Life

Your Words are Magic
Your Words are Magic

In the stories I was read as a child, there were many mentions of magic words and spells that would immediately change someone’s life or grant them a wish they desired. I never really understood that there are magic phrases that we can use each and every day that will have a profound positive effect on our lives and the lives of those around us. Just like those stories. The best news is that you can start using them today, right now, this very second and see almost immediate results. These are 4 phrases that can change your life. They are part of something called Ho’oponopono.

“Thank You”

This is the first phrase and hopefully, you are using this each and every day to show your appreciation and thank yougratitude for all that you have been fortunate enough to experience in life.  There is magic in this phrase because if you use it sincerely, then you are showing someone who you value, how much they mean to you.

Take a moment and think of the time someone has thanked you for something. It makes you feel good and most people want to pass that good feeling on. Being grateful will open the doors for more in your life and thank you is the phrase that expresses this gratitude to everyone else in the world. Look for opportunities today to make sure you thank people for even the littlest kindness. It can change your outlook for the entire day.

“I’m Sorry”

These can be the two most difficult words to say and I think that is what makes them so powerful. Putting im sorryyour emotions aside and focusing on how your behavior, thoughts or words have harmed another is very powerful. Looking at life through someone else’s lens allows empathy, understanding, and compassion. Being sorry doesn’t mean you are wrong, it means that you understand how your actions have negatively affected someone else. Only healing and personal growth can come from the sincere use of these magic words.

“Please Forgive Me”

Forgiveness is one of the powers of the universe. It is healthy and creates positive energy. Asking for prayerforgive-me-2forgiveness is a powerful recognition that you have hurt someone and you care enough about them to desire to continue the relationship.

Granting forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. Even though someone has wronged you until you forgive and let those negative emotions go they will be harming you. It isn’t an acceptance that what someone else did was right or wrong, it is an acceptance that you are no longer going to let the actions of another control your life or feelings anymore. This phrase can have a profound effect when you ask it of yourself.

“I Love You”

In all things, there is a simple choice between fear and love. When you choose to express love it is going to I love youchange the way that you experience the world. Love for another, love for yourself, love for life are all great examples of this.

Love is a  complex emotion and brings with it many levels of intensity. In whatever form, there is nothing negative that the sincere expression of love can bring. Only a life that has more positive things in it.  Love is the only real religion the world needs, if everyone practiced it, there would be nothing but cooperation, acceptance, understanding and the result would be the world full of happiness and contentment.

Use Them Today Challenge

So there you have it, 4 phrases that can change your life today. All you have to do is use them. The challenge for you is to try to use them all today. Consciously look for a situation where you can use these phrases and notice the results. Experience the magic for yourself.

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  1. This is so true! For me, the words ” I’m sorry ” are really the hardest to say because to me it means swallowing my pride and admitting I am at fault, and I am willing to understand the other side. : (

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