The End of The World

If you knew the world was ending tomorrow, who would you make sure you visited today?

end of the world
The Mayans thought it was going to happen in 2012, yet here we are!

by Jonathan Hilton  Day 54

Knowing the world would end tomorrow would make me want to see a lot of people today, for a number of reasons, but I think that this question is good motivation to look at how we value people and how we let relationships drift away into indifference for a multitude of reasons.

So I am going to split the people into categories and explain the reasons for each.  One thing is for sure it would be one busy day.

Family First

First of course there would be family that I would want to see, so that I could make sure that they were ready for the impending destruction.  I would want to say thank you for all that you did in my life and that I am very grateful for the kindness and that I love them all very much, ask if there was anything I could do for them on that last day.

Each relationship in that familial web is important and I would hope that I could get to them all.  I know how much I miss the ones that are gone already, they are with me every day and I am not sure about what would happen if the world ended, but as long as I was able I would be carrying them with me.

I have a clear conscience in this area

Friendship Is Important

Second I would want to visit all of the friends that I have met over the years to say good bye and reminisce about good times shared, and all of the funny memories we had, so that I could tell them how much I appreciated spending some time on this journey with them.

There are many friends from all of the different phases of my life and I guess I would have to use Skype to talk with some of them, but if I could I would talk to them.

The people I grew up with are as dear to me today as anyone, because there is a shared experience of childhood that could not be faked or manipulated.  We knew each other, both the good and the bad, and there was a support and caring there that still exists today.  My high school friends shared a different time with me, but still significant.  The ties you make as a youth are strong even if you don’t see each other on a regular basis.  They don’t break easy.

I went to two different colleges and there are two distinct groups of friends there but they are the people that I really grew up finally with and started to learn about the world.   I have nothing but smiles and great times to share just one more time before the world ends.

Then of course as an adult, there were a lot of people I met through the jobs I have had, but not a lot of them were friends, they were coworkers for the most part.  These “friendships” were clearly only for a short time and they did teach me something, but it is the past where I have found my true friends.

This One Goes Out To You

Next I would find the three people who I was ever in love with in my life.  It might be awkward because I haven’t seen any of them in years.  but I would want to tell each of them that regardless of my actions, I take responsibility for them.  They had an impact

peaceful lake
A nice peaceful place for the end of the world

on me and I have carried it with me for my entire life.  Not the bad things but the good times the memories that made me a better person. They still are making me better today.  I am grateful that we shared whatever we shared.

Forgive Everyone

Time is getting short so I would want to at least call some people I feel like there are unresolved issues with.  To tell them that I forgive them and am sorry for my part in any pain they experienced.

Life is full situations that provide you with a choice, I made some that were universally good and some that might be construed as bad for everyone.  Whenever the end does come these petty things are not going to be on my mind. I send best wishes to those who are angry and hope they find happiness before their ending.  I forgive them for anything they did to me.


That being done, if I had any time left I would go to a spot that was special to me, there are several and await the end of the world with anticipation, and not be afraid in the least bit. What good would that do? The world is ending and there isn’t anything you can do about it, might as well enjoy the spectacle.

Is there any other song appropriate for this post?

6 thoughts on “The End of The World”

  1. The guy who makes bacon crack.. I’d die a happy woman 😉

    I think I would visit my favorite spots too. Just to say goodbye to the world alone and drink it’s beauty one more time. 🙂

    1. Where are your favorite spots? I think that eating a little bacon should be added to my personal itinerary on that day. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Family – the queen, the little prince, my parents and brother, the queen’s family… It would be hard to fit them all, spread out across the country as we are, but we’d make a valiant effort. If it could work out that we could all say goodbye together in one spot – I’d hope it would be in the mountains, in one of the spots that has meant so much to my family over the years: either on the Kings River that my grandpa fell in love with and started a tradition of fishing every year, or in Mammoth where the queen and I tied the knot, or just generally lost somewhere on some craggy peak in the Sierra or in the Rockies where we could watch the end unfolding below us before it finally reached up and got us too.

    1. That is a nice thought, to all go down together. I should have thought of that. for me the place is Dyer’s Pond, or Moosehead Lake, two spots in the state which have a lot of significance to me in my life. I am hopeful we never have to face this predicament. Thank you for commenting Matt!!

    1. I am sure you would have no problem doing that, you are a pretty funny person. I liked the picture you used in your post today. Classic. Now the world knows what your hand looks like! Thank you for commenting my friend. I always appreciate it! 🙂

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