The Time Is Right for Right

When is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards and just do what you know is right?

by Jonathan Hilton  Day 25

when_is_it_time_to_stop_calculating_risk_and_rewards_and_judt_do_what_you_know_is_rightIt seems that everybody in the world operates on a risk and reward model on which they base their actions on the chance of being rewarded or punished for the outcome of their actions.

Yet I say that the time is always right to act regardless of the risk or reward and this is why.

Right Makes Now The Right Time

All people make mistakes and have to regroup and learn lessons from those mishaps. Yet when it comes to right behavior, it is the responsibility of each individual to make a choice, and that choice is going to color your experience.

Martin-Luther-King-Jr-The-time-is-always-right-to-do-what-is-right-Framed-Quote-709 If you know something to be right and refuse to act still, the hesitation can only be defined as wrong.  What repercussion could be more devastating than making a conscious choice to not do the right thing.

There may be a price to pay when this happens but the price that you pay by not acting is much worse because it will affect your life in a negative way.

Many people believe that the energy that you emanate is created by the choices you make.  I tend to believe that in my own experience there is no wrong time to tell the truth or to do the right thing.

Any time I have failed to do these things, and I have failed often, the results were not favorable. Now is the time to stop calculating the cost and do what you know is right.

This Is What Lying Is

Isn’t this question the reason anybody ever lies? The risk and reward of truth vs a lie is the careful scale that every thought and statement is weighed on before we speak or record it to share with someone else.

I was once told that it is nearly impossible to go through a day without telling a lie of some tumblr_m4rh91ieDR1qch7b8o1_1280kind.  I didn’t believe it, but started to pay attention to all of my thoughts and actions.   I found that I was telling several lies without even realizing it.

In one situation, a friend called to do something and I didn’t want to hurt their feelings so I said I had to work late.  A lie, but one that I didn’t have to tell.  It was my perception that the reward of a bit of time to myself was worth the risk of telling a lie to a good friend.

 The truth would have been just as effective yet I still let that lie flow with no initial regret at all.  So what’s the harm, it is just to keep the peace.  Why hurt someone’s feelings unnecessarily?  That is what I questioned at the time.

As time goes by I think that one lie will inevitably lead to another, and maybe the next time you will use another rationale to justify it.  Even if it is bigger and maybe a little harmless.  Often this seems to be the path people start to travel as they justify not only lies but downright meanness.  By justifying it based on some arbitrary factor.

 I heard one person justifying treating someone badly because “they were rich”, also for “Being on Welfare”  Although this person obviously had some problems and blocks around finances, once you start to justify poor behavior for any reason, the reasons for acting poorly increase.

Why is This Important

The main reason why all of this doing the right thing is important is that in a world where imageswe are bombarded with the misdeeds of many in the mainstream media, the fact is that our honesty and good decision-making is something the we each have a personal choice in each and every day.

In everything that I have ever experienced there is never a wrong time to make decisions based on love and those decisions always move your life and the world in a positive direction.  Any other decision is made out of fear, and those choices will move your life in a negative direction and make the world seem bleak.

Only you can decide for yourself when it is the time to throw worry of the consequences out the window and do the right thing.


When is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards and just do what you know is right?

I am living and Dying with the choices I made.  Classic message, classic song.

7 thoughts on “The Time Is Right for Right”

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  2. We must be getting old, Jon, because we are experiencing the same wisdom. I just listened to a recorded speech that was all about pursuing what is social action that serves the world. Not only is it always time to do what is right, but it is the best motivation to act. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    1. We are not getting old, but we are entering into the ages where we are more susceptible to accept and understand wisdom. That it is better to observe the world as one rather than through ourselves. 🙂 I am grateful for the reading and the commenting my friend. Hope all is well in Kozoland!!

    1. I think that it is the wisdom of a person, I know people who are much younger than me who are really quite wise. The time to stop calculating and just do what we know is right is easier for an older person I think, because they have a better understanding of the scale they are using and what their decision means. When I was young, I just wanted to fit in and not be different. I made many immature decisions that were bad because I didn’t grasp the whole game. Some might say I still don’t but I have more of a clue than I did then. Doing the right thing will always lead to good things. 🙂 So to answer your question, I don’t think physical age matters, but understanding others does. Thank you so much for the comment Georgina, you made me think on that answer. Glad you are here!!

      1. Me too! I asked because lately I’ve found people like you who are thinking about the same things I am and wondered if it was because we are around the same age or if it’s because it is something “in the air” that is affecting everybody. Gosh, I made so many mistakes growing up too, I’m glad that I banished my inner harpy 🙂

        1. I can only guess that it is the age, life experience, because I didn’t think these kind of things when I was younger. I was much more egocentric and selfish as a younger person. “What is in it for me?” type and after just being miserable with the results, I started to investigate why things are the way they are. This could be a coincidence and the world could be moving toward a more conscious state but I think that it is just the age factor. It brings a wisdom. It is a great question Georgina, but the most important thing is that it is a good thing. Grateful for the comment!

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