Ready To Rise

Are You Ready To Rise?

by Jonathan Hilton  Day 67

I believed that if you graphed the activity and thought of a person in their life it would highs and lowsinevitably have high moments where you experienced you best.  There would be the predictable low moments where tragedy and disappointment linger as well.  Most lives would display all other moments of life that occur in between.

I can look at my life and plot out the points of success, failure, satisfaction, fun, contentment, anger, hatred, and love.  A virtual rise and fall of personal accomplishment and fear.

Falling in love, graduating from college, getting that job, accomplishing that goal along with everything else that I viewed as a positive represent a rise on that chart. While every failure, loss of love, job change, unfulfilled dream and loss suffered are represented by their corresponding low points on the chart.

Yet I was Wrong

As I look at my chart I realize that I have been plotting things all wrong.     Each of the experiences I have had are not meant to be judged as good or bad and then charted to riaing upsignify my advancement through towards happiness.  Each experience was given to me to help me learn a lesson that I needed to learn.  Either I will master the lesson and move forward to accept a new teaching.   Or perhaps if the lesson isn’t learned, the lesson will continually be presented until I finally do get a clue and learn what I need to know.

That realization is a powerful one, because although I don’t like to have “bad” things happen to me, because that experience is not great fun at the moment, often the momentum and direction that a difficult experience gives you can be the exact push you needed to become something that you always dreamed you could be.

So charting your life through highs and lows is an act of simply adding our own perceptions of things into something.  Nothing is inherently good or bad unless we believe them to be so.  A more accurate chart would be a straight line which continually moves upward to a fuller development as a human being.

Finding your Gift

It is my belief that we are all born with a gift that is unique to us, and that gift is the the-meaning-of-life-is-to-find-your-gift-pablo-picassothing that makes us happy.  Often throughout the course of life that gift is forgotten due to the conditioning that society, our peers, families and educational system provides us is unfortunately designed to make you forget who you are.

People are encouraged to fit in, and excel in the acceptance of someone else’s ideas.  Our educational system gives out Kudos for being a properly trained individual.  It seems like that avoidance of creative thinking is all that they are concerned with.  Become a docile, accepting sheep who devours all of the provided fodder and you will be rewarded.  Fit outside the expectations and you will have a significant problem.

To find your unique gift you have to overcome this conditioning and realize that you are a great human soul with unlimited potential.  That is not debatable. What is up for discussion is how you use that gift.


So as you move through life and experiences come your way, remember that each one is sent to help you overcome the narrow minded conditioning of life and provide you with a land-of-the-rising-sun-n1-tsushimamemory of what your natural talent is.

Learning not to label these experiences as either good or bad and just accepting them as things that are happening right now.  Some experiences are inherently more pleasant than others but all experiences have value.  It is often difficult to see the value of the forest when you are lost in it.

Remember that no matter what stage of your life you are in, the graph does not fluctuate wildly up and down depending on experiences.  That would give you sea sickness or whip lash.  Your graph always moves in a continually upward direction moving you ever closer to your true self and your unique talent.   It may level off as you stop searching or get lost along the way, but it will never go down, just as your chronological age will never go backwards.  Your identity will continually climb.

When you are ready to recognize this you will see that you have been and continually are rising all the time.

6 thoughts on “Ready To Rise”

  1. But… er, um… I’m afraid of heights. 😛
    Great post. Completely agree there is no good and bad – there may be things we enjoy more and things we enjoy less, but we shouldn’t ascribe any other attributes to them. Everything is a learning opportunity. Everything is a living opportunity. If only it were as simple to trust in those words as it is to say them. I can say that “I know everything happens for a reason,” but that won’t stop me from questioning why “bad” things continue to happen. I know I shouldn’t think about it like that. I know I should ask, “what am I supposed to learn from this” rather than “why did this occur.” Maybe one day I will get there… Then again, perhaps that is just one of the lessons that will keep popping back up in my life until I’m ready to “get a clue.” 😉

    1. Thank you Matt for your thoughts. As I get busier and busier I have less and less free time. I still try to read and comment as much as I can but there are only so many hours in the day. This high time commitment is going to be only for a short few months and I hope to get back to “normal”. Hope all is well for you.

      1. No complaints at the moment… and definitely understand being busy, so no worries about that. I hope all is well for you, even though there are only so many hours in a day, too.

  2. Love the new way of charting our lives, Jon. I completely agree that there are no good an bad, just lessons to be learned or re-learned. I love the way you say that experiences are reminders of what our natural talent is. I’ve recently found my purpose and am excited to share it. That reminds me, I tried to send you an email, but it was bounced. Can you email me from an account that you can receive email? My email address is
    Thanks for all you do, my friend. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    1. I look forward to seeing that purpose come to life. I am sure that great things are coming your way. :-) You are the man Kozo!

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