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What lifts your spirits when life gets you down?

by Jonathan Hilton  Day 53

fffffNo matter how positive a person tries to be there are always going to be times when a person feels down and needs to have their spirits lifted.

It can be because of a relationship that has ended and you are in the can’t sleep, missing someone stage.  It might be because of something you lost like a job or your car just died.  Maybe a loved one has recently passed away and you are sad.

There are a million reasons that our spirits can get a little down in life. There is nothing wrong with that but you should always have a few tricks up your sleeve to lift your spirits.  These are the things that I do to lift my spirit when I am down.

Help Someone Else

There is nothing that lifts your spirit and gets you out of thinking about your problems help someone elsebetter than to do something for someone else.  It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture that costs money and takes  a lot of time.  It simply has to be something that takes the focus off of you and your feelings and gets you looking more positively at the rest of the world.

Take someone somewhere, bake them a cake, visit for a cup of coffee or do whatever your heart tells you might help them.  It is the effort that will lift you up, it is difficult for your spirit to be low when you are lifting someone else up.

Start a New Project of some Kind

Focus is important when your spirit is feeling low.  Getting your focus off of whatever is bringing you down is important to raising you back up.  Starting a new project can get fORTUNE-COOKIE-qUOTES-GOOD-TIME-TO-START-SOMETHING-NEWprovide that shift in focus that starts to lift you up.

I have done health projects, that have worked to lift my spirit, the latest I did was the Couch to 5K running program, which I absolutely loved.  It is following a running program until you get to the point you can run for five kilometers without stopping. It works, it is long-term and it helped to lift me up.

I think many of the blog projects I have done have helped to lift me up as well, now I am just addicted to them.  I am currently trying to blog every day for a year and I am on day 53.  Even though I don’t think it is a great accomplishment, writing every day gives me something away from my problems to focus on each day.

Which does lift my spirits.  I think as long as you choose a project that you have an interest in and stick to it, anything will do, and your spirits will be lifted.

Let others Help You

Sometimes we are the hammer and sometimes we are the nail.  That sentence always reminds me about how life treats you.

charlie brownIt isn’t really good or bad as much as it is factual. Sometimes we are the one who willingly gives help to others and other times we are in need of the kindness and help of others.   Allow them to help you.

At times when I needed help, my pride got in the way and I would loudly and even emphatically claim I was fine.  Yet I was not fine. I needed help, if only to just talk to someone or to spend time with someone who cared about me.

If you are fortunate enough to have someone in your life that wants to help lift you up, LET THEM!  A friend reminded me that there is a time for all things, sometimes you have to be strong, and sometimes it is OK to need help, that is how life works.

Remember how good it feels to have someone care about you and that will lift your spirit. How can it not?

Enjoy all the Little Things

Finding joy in the little things you encounter every day should be easy but because they are simple things and we often overlook them, sometimes we forget about them little thingscompletely and the little things can lift your spirits.

Look at the weather.  It doesn’t matter what it is, really it is pretty awesome. Rain provides the fuel for growth, a feeling of relaxing, and comfort.  The sound of rain on the grass or pattering off the roof provides relief.  A sunny day in the spring has its own hope and possibility. Those days seem to be just daring you to try to feel bad and the only way you can accomplish that feat, is to ignore the bright sunshine in front of you.

The sky can provide some of the greatest simple things that can lift your spirit.  In the day, look at a brilliant blue sky and notice the cloud formation. There is an endless feeling of hope and possibility up there just waiting for you to notice it.  Try it some day no matter where you are, look up at the sky and notice the color, it never fails to lift my spirit. Unless I forget to look.

At night the sky is transformed into a covering of stars.  These provide you with a hope and awe of a different kind but it is no less powerful.  The show that the night sky provides you is free, majestic and powerful, yet many of us never even take notice.  This show is almost guaranteed to lift your spirit and make you feel better.

There are many other ways I am sure that could lift your spirit and make you feel better.  I urge you to have a few on reserve because you may never know when your spirit needs a little lifting.  Or more importantly when you may be needed to lift the spirit of someone else.

Feels Like Today ……………………………………..

8 thoughts on “What Lifts Me

  1. Ann Koplow says:

    Wonderful post. Thank you.

    1. Jon says:

      Thank you Ann!:-)

  2. Awesome post! True as always! “Enjoy the small things in life for someday you will realize they were the big things”! Thats my mindset most days :) By the way, committing to writing everyday for a year (especially for posts with your depth and meaning) is hard so even if you don’t think its much of an accomplishment, I think you rock :)

    1. Jon says:

      Thank you Kim, it hasn’t been too bad so far, I haven’t had a day when it has been too much. I am sure as the summer picks up there will be moments when it will be more difficult. The little things, a cup of coffee, a visit with a friend, the sunshine finally out after a week of rain. :-) Thanks for commenting my friend and for reading.

  3. Rambling Eve says:

    Enjoying the little things always works for me…

    1. Jon says:

      Hey, thank you for commenting and reading. I appreciate it greatly. Come back often.

  4. Getting ones mind of the thing that is pulling us down is good advice, Jon. Creative stuff usually for it for me :)

    1. Jon says:

      Creativity I think is a cure for many problems we face. Thank goodness you share your creativity with the rest of us!! :-)

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