By Jonathan Hilton

Day 68

In life there aren’t many experiences which bring large numbers of positive people into your life at once.  Each person making a lasting impact on you, whether it is big or small.  If you are a reader of this blog, then you have noticed my absence recently.

The great crew from camp after an unexpected dip in the lake. It cost me a phone but it was well worth it.

The great crew from camp after an unexpected dip in the lake. It cost me a phone but it was well worth it.

I had great intentions of being able to keep writing while working the hours that this great experience requires for the short-term.  Unfortunately life has gotten in the way, and my intermittent contributions will have to do until the middle of August.

Inspiration comes from life, and I think that to live your life to the fullest and gather the lessons that each day has to teach, you need other people in it.  There is a sign in my current office which I did not put there, but it serves to remind me about the impact that people have.  It states. “Everyone brings joy to this office.  Some when they enter. Some when they leave. ”  I have found these words to be true.

My current occupation is as an administrator at a small summer camp in Maine.  It is a fantastic place, and the staff that works here consists of tremendous young people.  I often hear people complain about the younger generation and the fact that they lack work ethic or morals.  I would challenge them to spend a day with the counselors at our camp.  You would be bowled over by character, determination, hard work and just plain decency.  They are all good kids who contribute greatly to the successful running of the camp.

Selfishly, the influx of all of these great people has made me a better person.  All people get down, and need an encouraging word from time to time.  Without even knowing that they are doing it, almost without exception this group of young people has encouraged me daily, and inspired me not only to advocate for them, but to remember my younger self and the dreams and inspiration that come along with it.

Often times as life moves along we tend to minimize the number of people in our lives as we become set in our ways and interests.  I know that I have been less likely to venture out of that comfort zone to stretch to try new things.  This entire experience has been a stretch and a growing experience.  I know that it is only for a short season, which gives me the strength to carry on through all difficult circumstances and also reminds me to cherish the moments that do come along.

Each and every person in this adventure, those that are here and those that have moved on have made an incredible impact on my life in a very short time.   From the owners to the girl who washes the clothes.  I am truly lucky to have been able to be impacted by these great people.  I am sure that just as quickly as we all came together, we will all separate at the end of the summer, but  the memories of this experience will last with me for the rest of my life.