How come the things that make you happy don’t make everyone happy?

by Jonathan Hilton   Day 56

The answer to this question can come down to something as simple as

people are all individuals and they have free choice to be happy about whatever they like regardless of how you feel about it yourself.  Some people are Red Sox fans (smart)and some like the Yankees(not smart), and when their respective teams win or do something positive they are happy.

The problem with this is that the question shouldn’t be about things that make me happy but don’t  make you happy, but it should be:  Why aren’t you all just happy?

One Reason for Unhappiness

One of the reasons that everyone isn’t happy is because they are dependent on things to make them so.  If you need something to happen, or something to own to make you happy, then you are in trouble. What is going to happen if that thing is taken away from you?  Or it might never occur, so you will run the risk of having your happiness stolen or never occurring at all because you are dependent on some exterior force to provide you with the feeling of happiness.

Happiness is nothing more than a choice, and although it is unrealistic to expect everybody to be happy all the time, it is a personal choice to decide if you are happy at any given moment or not.

What Makes YOU Happy?

choosing to be happy

Your choice

What makes you happy? Money, property, things?   Or do you look for love, friendship, meaning, kindness?

It really is all up to your choices to look for something to be happy about or conversely to be unhappy about.  There is always a reason for both and it depends on where you put your focus as to how your emotions and feelings are going to go this day.

Often times the problem isn’t with other people but with you, because you have such a narrow list of things to be happy about and such a long list of things to be angry or unhappy about that it is difficult to be grateful for the great things that you do have.

This can be changed simply by adjusting your thoughts to focus on the good things in your life.  All negative thinking, emotions and things of an unhappy nature stem from fear, whereas all happy or positive emotions stem from love.

When you look at the things that make you happy, they always stem from some form of loving emotion, and when you are unhappy you are focusing on some fear based foolishness

Energy Drains and Pains

So it is important to remember that if you are happy now,  not everyone is going to be happy because too many people are focusing on fear.  They find your happiness almost an insult to them, and since misery loves company they are often not satisfied being unhappy by themselves, they feel the need to make you unhappy too, and everyone else that comes in contact with them.

But these energy drains don’t have to be a pain in your life. Understand that your choices and your life are a result of what you decide to focus on and nothing else.

It would be a much better world if the things that made you happy could make everyone happy, but that is really not your responsibility or job.

You can only manage your own experience and determine if you are going to be experiencing happiness or misery in your day, nobody else is responsible and you are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness, it is impossible.

What makes me happy? Watch this and you will be happy too!

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