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      If you had to teach something, what would you teach?

by Jonathan Hilton  Day 21

564232_438576869504774_929540821_nPresented with the opportunity to teach anything I wanted, there is no doubt that I would try to teach a few of the things I have learned about life.

 There are many things that I never really considered early on in life which have proven to be invaluable knowledge today.

 These lessons may not be mind blowing but I think they are vital to be all that you want to be in life.  Whether you think they have a place in your life or not is up to you.

There is Greatness in You

Each and every one of us, no matter what the circumstance of life, contain the potential for greatness inside of you.  How that greatness shows itself is different for everyone, but it is there nonetheless.  The secret is to find your area of expertise and to allow it to grow.

greatnessDo not pay attention to the limiting thoughts of others. Don’t let your own mind discourage you. Know that you are great and allow it to show.  Some of us have had our talent hidden from us for so long that we had forgotten what direction to look.

The first step to finding out what your skill set might contain is to start to look for it.  Once you do, I have found that things tend to fall together quite naturally to allow you to develop it and to present you with a path to follow.

Before any of that can start to happen, you have to accept that you have greatness in you with the potential to do whatever you dream of.

Love or Fear will rule you.

There are two forces inside of each of us and everything we do comes from them. Love or fear.  You have a choice about which one you pay attention to in any situation.

 Love is not just romantic love, that is a very small part of the entirety of the emotion.  It includes all branches of this positive emotion.  Kindness, acceptance, joy, peace, love humility, empathy and truth are all things that come from this positive force.

Fear or Love Frame the Phrase Adyashanti Fear is the opposite and leaves its own calling cards behind, evil, anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, lies, inferiority and ego. Following these feelings and thoughts will bring with it more situations to make the same choice.  What you think is who you are.

With every situation you encounter throughout life you will be faced with this simple choice as to how you approach it, and the choice you make will determine what kind of life you experience.

It is important to remember this choice all of the time because sometime you may be in a situation where someone else’s choice is going to affect you.

How positive the impact you have in life will, in a nutshell be boiled down to which one of these two opposing forces you align yourself with.


My Thoughts on Gratitude

I do not really know if gratitude can be taught or not, but it is vitally important to having a good life.  Often times we spend our time looking at what we don’t have and wondering why.

This thought pattern is only going to bring more awareness into what you don’t have.  Since you spend all of your thought on the lack in your life, that is exactly what you will continue to experience.

InspiringsFramedPrintGratitudeBestowsReverenceThe alternative is to focus on what you do have, and even if it isn’t much, being truly grateful for what you do have, will open the door’ for more to come into your life.  Since your thoughts are about gratitude and being grateful, the world will find a way to see that you experience more of these things.

Being grateful is a recognition of what you have and experiencing some joy about that thing.  It will allow you, not only to enjoy that thing, but to experience a feeling of joy surrounding it.

 If you are experiencing joy even on a small-scale, it is hard not to be happy.  If you are happy, well isn’t that the purpose of this little game called life?  I think it should be and I am grateful to be able to tell you this.

Live in the Present Moment

Speaking of being happy, it is vital that you learn how to live in the moment.  That means that you are aware and appreciate what is happening at this very moment.  It would seem simple to do, yet very few people really do it.

 Distractions take out minds all sorts of places rather than where we actually are.  You can’t enjoy today if your mind is lost in yesterday or tomorrow.  If you aren’t present then your happiness will evade you.

33214115972027956_gojpenAi_f Look at people walking down the street today, most are focused on anything other than where they are. On the morning commute, almost every eye is looking at their phone, or Ipad searching for something that is not with them right now.

The present moment and all that it has to offer is ignored for a fantasy of thought that takes you anywhere but in the moment you are actually in.

This is important because if you live your life half aware of what is going on right in front of you, it is going to be difficult to experience a long-lasting happiness.


There are many other lessons I would include in my lesson plans for life, but that will have to wait for another day.  I am grateful for all of you who have read to this point! You just made my day!  Remember that the end game of life is to be happy.  So if you are making decisions or having thoughts and experiences that aren’t working to that end, then you need to change them. You have the power to do this anytime you want.  You just have to want.


If you had to teach something, what would you teach?

Just in case you want to learn a little more. Wear Sunscreen.

20 thoughts on “Welcome To Class

  1. Kira says:

    As always, inspiring!! If I could teach anything I would teach that each day is a precious gift given to us. I would teach that we should look for at least one thing to be thankful for each day. Attitude of Gratitude :-) Thank you for this post, Jonathan!

    1. Jon says:

      That would be a valuable lesson Kira! I know that each day is a gift of unlimited potential to do with what you will. I am grateful for many things, and I am grateful for you, taking the time, reading what I have written and leaving a thoughtful comment. I am very grateful for your thought sharing. :-)

      1. Kira says:

        Thank you. I enjoy reading your posts. Although, I should tell you that when I’m on my iPhone or iPad you website takes awhile to load…your wordpress one loads fast.

        1. Jon says:

          Thank you for telling me, I may need to change themes. I love to change themes every now and again anyway to get a different look and find out what functions best. Thank you Kira for all that you do! I am grateful you are around to help me and my websites to function fast. :-)

  2. Wonderful as always Jon!! If I could teach anything it would be about the value of kindness :-)

    1. Jon says:

      Well it seems like you have a masters degree in kindness there, Meg. I know that you definitely help a lot of people with your positive attitude and great contributions on your blog and just being a dynamite person. Thank you so much for taking the time, and being kind and commenting here!! You make my day my friend.

      1. You are so sweet Jon! I’m so sorry I’ve been absent lately. Life is testing me :-). I’m getting back on track though!!! :-)

        1. Jon says:

          Tests are given to measure progress. How is the progress coming?

  3. ramblinann says:

    I love coming here. You always make me think.
    Acceptance; We are all different. Accept people’s looks, beliefs, customs. See and accept people for who they really are. Help them grow, but don’t try molding them into someone you want them to be.

    1. Jon says:

      Those are great lessons to teach. We all have our own unique contribution to make and those contributions are priceless. Thanks Ann for sharing your thoughts. I always learn something from your comments.

  4. djmatticus says:

    What to teach, what to teach? You’ve done a great job already pointing out some key lessons. I think I might try to teach something along “Don’t sweat the small stuff, … and it’s all small stuff.”

    1. Jon says:

      That is a good lesson. I really could have written a book on this topic I think, so many great things to think about. It is great to have a Matt comment here. I know your life has changed and that is great, but it is still good to hear from you. I have been hoping that fatherhood has been an enjoyable time for you, and I am sure that you are soaking in every moment. Life has given you some great blessings and I can’t imagine a person who deserves them more. :-)

      1. djmatticus says:


        Doing great, thanks! And I should be around more now so you should be seeing some Matt comments popping up more frequently.

        1. Jon says:

          :-) That is a very good thing!!

  5. Rohan 7 Things says:

    Great lessons Jon, there’s absolutely no doubt that youngsters would gain a lot were these the kind of true and positive messages that they were exposed to via their parents, the media and their schools.

    Thanks for sharing!

    All the best :)


    1. Jon says:

      Thank you Rohan, I can only hope that they are being taught so that we can look forward to a great future about caring for others rather than worrying about our own selves so much. Thank you for the comment, I am grateful for the time and for your reading this.

  6. I’ve found you through Susie Lindau’s party. Truly, the message of your post is absolutely wonderful. I wish every parent was that proficient at sharing these messages with our young people.

    1. Jon says:

      Thank you Kitt, I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read and leave a comment. It is great to have you here and I hope you come back and contribute often. I am very grateful for all of the visitors from Susie’s blog, she is awesome and what a great way to help bloggers connect! :-)

      1. She is! I always walk away from her parties with great new finds. I hope you find some awesome new blogs as well.

  7. susielindau says:

    I just glanced up at the comments. Thanks so much!

    This is such a great point and it is what I believe as well. Every day I remind myself to be positive and that I create the life I want to live. It is hard to live without fear when you have children, but I try to keep my focus!
    Thanks for bringing this to the party!

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