Have you ever seen insanity where you later saw creativity?

By JD Hilton Day 57

My initial response is no, but when I look back, there have been many

Have you ever seen insanity where you later saw creativity?

The Screaming Man Definitely did.

situations that I have seen that I initially dismissed as insanity to my own perspective but can see that the situation really was creativity was occurring.

The most creative people create from a place that does not fit into the norms and expectations of  people in society.  It comes down to your own judgments of what is insanity and what is creativity.

Different was Bad

For me as I was growing up and getting my indoctrination into the world, I think I was conditioned to look at anything that was a little different from the norm as bad or undesirable.

One of my favorite teachers  fell under this category.  I was a sophomore in high school and full of hormones and just wanted to get through life as easily as I could.

I had decided to adopt an attitude of not really trying because whenever I did it didn’t seem to be quite good enough for those responsible for my education.  I especially hated writing because there were too many rules.

Then came this class, the teacher was a woman who looked at life totally different from me, and to me she was a little bit insane. In retrospect I can say whole heartedly she was not the least bit crazy, she cared and was willing to do whatever it took to allow us to grow as young people. My education would have been a lot more valuable with more teachers like her.

Winds of Change

She saw the problem of our class as a group that didn’t really like English, or writing or each other.  She went on a one woman campaign to change all of those factors.

I remember she had us doing group building activities outside on the field, and in the classroom, and of course at first I was thinking, “This is stupid, and I hate it.”

But as I got to know her and the others in my class I began to find that I rather liked to write things and I liked having someone else see what I thought.

Writing wasn’t all rules, it was creativity and capturing what you think and feel.  That you could express yourself this way was a revelation!

The insanity that had been her method to me, led to the creativity of not only myself, but many of the others in the class.

Now it is many years later, and I have relearned the lessons about writing that I learned many years ago, and I am grateful to all of the people who have motivated and taught me something and I know that tenth grade English class was the first time I saw insanity and later saw creativity.

The Box is for Crackers

I believe this is an important concept because most of the great

Thinking Outside the Box

Keep your thinking here!

discoveries and truly original work comes from individuals who think outside the box and may be considered a little insane in their process and thoughts.

Think outside the box as often as you can, don’t let the societal expectations of anyone else change the way you think or dim the great thoughts and deeds that are in us all.

Don’t let your ideas be dismissed as insanity, stick to them and they will set you free and most likely change the world.

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