Every Day Improvement

improvementsOpportunities for improvement in intellect, action or spirituality are things that exist for us each and every day. I am grateful today that I am able to seek and find improvement in some aspect of my experience of life.  And it goes without saying but YOU can too! We just have to be conscious about the things we want to change and then make choices that allow us to move in the right direction.

Only Two Directions In Life

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening, depending on where you are.  I say this to point out that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, a universal fact is that there one of two ways you are going today.  You are getting better or you are getting worse.  There is no staying static, in one place.  This is a great thing because if you start to recognize this fact, you will look for ways to make sure you are getting better each day. If you do nothing to improve, and just assume the status quo is fine, then you might be slipping in the other direction.

Choose an element of your life, from how you relate to your family, how you perform your improvement 2job or how you relate to the Universe.   If you don’t strive for improvement then regression will most likely be the reward.  This is true of physical and mental tasks.  It is true of everything in life.  But you have total control over which way you go.  If you want to be a better person, then make choices that focus on becoming a better person and it will happen through your action. There is no other alternative.

It Doesn’t Matter How Far Down You Are

Another great thing about improvement is that it doesn’t matter how far down you currently are you can change and get better right now.  Having the courage to start is the spark ingredient you need to begin the journey to improvement.  If you feel you weigh too much, then make a choice today to improve that aspect of your life.  It may be eating healthier and exercise and you will be improving. If you choose to do nothing different where is your weight going to go?

If you don’t think you are intelligent enough, then make the choice to become more informed. Start to read, research and become more informed and intelligent in the area you feel lacking. If you choose to do nothing at all and keep on watching Netflix and not reading then your intellect will arrive exactly where you have decided it should be.

The same is true for your happiness in life, your spirituality or your personal relationships.  If you are not happy where you are, have no connection to God or are not fulfilled in your relationships, then it is time to start making different choices.  That will lead you to results that are more honoring to what you want to experience.

You Can’t Do It all At Once or Can you?

It is my nature to tell you that you can’t attack all aspects of your life at once, but that is a cop out.  You can work improvement in every aspect of your life and move toward more of story endswhat you desire.  Some areas may be improving more quickly than others but each can improve simultaneously.

Every time you are faced with one of these challenges, you have a choice how you think about it.  Your choice may be a small one that only you know but isn’t it all about what type of person you can become?  Make that choice to improve every chance you get.

There will be moments that you fail, there will be times when it is hard, but those times often will only serve as opportunities to reaffirm our desire to be a better person in whatever manner we desire.

Each of us has a talent inside that will allow us to be better


I am grateful for the ability to improve each and every day.


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  1. this one is more difficult. on the other hand, I forgot about Bon Jovi’s song, I am more partial to Billy Joel’s ‘My Life’.

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