The Year I Learned to Write

 What can you do today that you were not capable of a few years ago?


When I think back to where exactly I was 365 days ago, it never ceases to amaze me the jagged artwork that change has woven into the tapestry of my life.  Each seemingly unconnected event has worked to put me exactly where I am supposed to be.

Many philosophies support the idea of a preconceived plan for everyone. I am not sure about that yet, but sometimes it seems like things fall into place in ways that you would never believe. So here are some of the things that I can do today that I was not capable of a few years ago.


blog-cartoonThe first and most obvious is blogging. I had heard of it a year ago but had no conception of what a community stood behind WordPress.

 It was really an accident I ever found out about it at all. Or was it?  I had written a bit on my website but never participated in blogging.

 I was too busy or too afraid or both to write on a regular basis and then kind of call attention to it.  Reading other people’s thoughts and commenting on them.

 It is like reading a book and being able to initiate conversation with the author as you move through it.  I love that type of interaction. I encourage it and try hard to be grateful for each comment I get.  This has been a life changer and 365 days ago I was incapable of doing this.

Writing What I Think

For those who don't know this is a typewriter, it is a keyboard with no computer.
For those who don’t know this is a typewriter, it is a keyboard with no computer.

There was a time not that long ago when I wouldn’t dare to write something that I really thought down anywhere, let alone on a public blog.  I had many negative voices in my head telling me: Nobody cares what you think.  That makes no sense. You are the only one in the world who believes that.  Nobody could possibly understand that.   As you can see, I was a bundle of confidence when it came to writing.  It was as if the Universe were conspiring to push me into writing about my thoughts.  It started with freelance writing, which forced me to write a large quantity of posts last summer in a relatively short amount of time.  This forced me to publish many things anonymously which I found to be quite liberating. It removed the negative voices completely and I could look at my writing from a pretty unemotional and detached view.  Then after the summer I moved to a newer phase of writing at the urging of a friend I started to write about the things I thought about.   Like taking the smallest snowball and rolling it through the snow, I took my ideas and started to craft my thoughts into posts for my website.  It started with a project and ended with me becoming involved in the world of WordPress. A year ago I was incapable of writing this post it has been an expressive year.

Being a Coffee Shop Author

Any old coffee shop will do I hope I see you there!!
Any old coffee shop will do I hope I see you there!!

One of the best parts of writing for me is that some of the best thoughts I have are written in coffee shops and I was fortunate through fate to visit a number of them all over New England over that past year.

A year ago I might have felt awkward, and self-conscious about sitting and writing in a nice coffee shop. Today, all I need is electricity and the internet and I can write quite easily and comfortably.

This transformation was by necessity so I started to get used to going into new cities and towns and finding a place that offered free wi-fi and then writing my mind out.  It made me a bit of money but more importantly it allowed me to improve my writing and gave me many great ideas about topics I should be writing about.

I have my favorite chains of coffee shop to write in and it would be difficult to choose just one.  Coffee shop chains are designed to handle the writing kind.  Individually owned coffee shops are too worried about the space you are consuming to cater to you.  A year ago I never would have known this or cared. I can write in almost any Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts in the world.


Enjoying the Moment and Going with the Flow

marjorie-ray-hinckley-quote-about-enjoying-lifeI have been working on this for several years, but in the last year I have put it into practice as often as I can.  I have a good friend to thank for this because hanging around with them you never knew from one day to the next what was going to happen.  It allowed me to enjoy the moment that was happening right now.  The moment may be gone in an instant.  There was also an acceptance of whatever came and enjoying it no matter what. Or at least appreciating the experience even if it wasn’t the greatest and most fun.   Most things however can be enjoyed, and a year ago I wouldn’t have been capable of enjoying them.  The difference was that I learned to let go of what I thought should be happening and accept what was happening.   This was definitely not an easy process and I still work on it today, but a year ago, I was not even close to this.


Gratitude is the Attitude

gratitude-journa&#1I have written about this before but it is true, that adopting an attitude of gratitude and experiencing heart-felt gratitude for what you do have, rather than focusing and feeling bad about what you don’t have is a pathway to not only enjoying life but to having more of the things you like in it.

I have been true to my gratitude journal since I first wrote about it and there have been things happening that I never would have thought of.  I believe that positive energy we create translates to others and makes all experiences better.  This begins for me with gratitude for all that is happening in my life.  I never would have tried to keep a journal about it a year ago, or to share that I did this as well.  You can be critical all that you want, but if you are that way, you probably are more worried about what you don’t have than what you do.  I am glad I am not in that frame of mind anymore, this year has allowed that to disappear.


I could continue to write a small book about this topic and I am sure that I am not uniques in this.  A year is a long period of time for some and a short period of time for others but we all experience changes every year of our lives.  I hope that I notice and enjoy all of the changes that come my way in the year to come.

 What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago?

Day 10

Who knows what this next trip around the sun will bring.



23 thoughts on “The Year I Learned to Write”

  1. What a great reflection about self doscovery through writing. I’ve only been blogging since September, but I’ve been writing since I could spell. I’m glad you finally found the courage to share your words!

    1. Me Too! It is one of those things that you look back and wonder what you were so hung up about. I am glad that you started your sassy blog, it is one of my favorites, obviously. Keep on writing what you believe and enjoy writing about Katie, it is a great gift to the world. 🙂

  2. This is my fourth year of blogging. I used to blog on a South African platform but then changed to WordPress. When I started on WP I felt like a new blogger again. I must say though, even after all these years of blogging and commenting, I always take a deep breath and wonder if the post I just wrote is good enough, just before clicking on publish. Thank you for sharing, Jon. I always love reading your thoughts – and don’t ever stop writing, it is good for you. 🙂

    1. Michelle, I most often have the same feelings whenever I publish something. Yet doing a project helps. Even though the pressure is self induced and nothing bad would happen if I didn’t post each day, it is enough to make me say, “that will have to be good enough today.” I am not sure if it will ever be totally easy, but that is ok. I am glad you moved to WordPress and I have been able to read your thoughts. I enjoy your blog a lot and always your comments and thoughts. Thank you Michelle for being such a great friend. 🙂

  3. Oi! Just shows you … never listen to the negative voices in your head. You are a fantastic writer and I am telling you that, so you better believe me! 🙂 Positive energies are the best and it’s wonderful to feel it here on the blogs. I’ve been away for quite a while and it’s really good to blog again and share what you know. I am glad you are writing here Jon. I love reading it. 🙂
    The answer to your question : I can take photo’s! I never knew it would be so fulfilling and how it would change the way I see everything. I love my little camera to bits and it’s all thanks to my loving hubby. 🙂 Great post once again Jon and thanks for sharing. Love the music video! Love their music 🙂 *hugs*

    1. Well QB in a short day you have become one of my favorite commentors. I appreciate the very kind words and I also see the great supporting community in the blog world. I am glad I stopped listening to those voices. I enjoy writing a lot and it always makes me happy when something I have written has an impact even in the smallest manner. You are lucky to have such a supporting husband to help you see the world through your camera! Keep it up. If it is your passion than you can’t go wrong. Great song for this post I thought as well. 🙂 Hope you had a great day in South Africa.

      1. Oh, I am very glad to hear that Jon. You have such a lovely writing style and so many interesting subjects. I am lucky and blessed indeed and well, it’s not a fancy camera like the Canon EOS 7D that I want but as I tell myself, it’s my “learning camera” and my Canon is waiting for me around the corner, but I am quite happy with what I have. Thank you and hoping you have a great day too! 🙂 *hugs*

  4. Today I can go out of my house and do something I enjoy. A year ago I couldn’t even get out of bed (I did, but I sure as heck didn’t want to).
    Today I can recover from rock climbing last night. This is something I’ve started to do at the urging of a friend – something else I couldn’t do a year ago is make a friend. Isn’t it wonderful what the right people can help is do for ourselves.

    1. Great job Melanie! Just imagine how far you will go in the next year. I hope nothing but the right people come into your life. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Always great to hear from you. I am behind you all the way. 🙂

  5. As always…inspirational, Jonathan! Well, you know my take on the benefits of blogging. Right now blogging is the one thing that is keeping me on my road to recovery! It is the one place where I can be honest with myself and others! I’m truly grateful that you blog and that you stopped listening to all the voices discouraging you and decided to listen to your true voice. You encourage all of us through your blogs! Thank you. PS You are in my gratitude journal 🙂

    1. That is sooooooooooooooooo great that I am in your gratitude journal. I am honored and it makes my day that you think what I write helps you at all, I am really glad Kira! Every time I see a comment and read it, my day is made. What a wonderful community. I am always pulling for you and your recovery. Have a good weekend, if you have weak moments, blog it out.

  6. Wow, Jon, what a great year. Blogging, writing, coffee shops, joy, and gratitude. What more do you need? My year has been very similar. One day we will look back and see 2012-13 as not only the start of a beautiful friendship, but also the birth of a peace-filled world. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    1. I certainly believe you are right Kozo my brother. There is little doubt in my mind. Such a good year and the next one looks even more promising.

  7. A year ago I was terrified of the Publish button. I couldn’t do it. Every time I clicked there would be dozens of thoughts wondering how it would be received. Commenting was scary too. ‘What if I’m not welcome at his/her blog?’ I used to think.
    Now, I’m okay. I’ve made my peace with the Publish button. I write for another website too, something I never thought I’d do.

    Great post, Jon! I love reading your thoughts 🙂

    1. I love having you commenting on my thoughts MFE! It is always a pleasure to see that you have taken the time to tell me what you think. I really enjoy that. You are always welcome on my blog, anytime any day. I used to have a fear of the publish button, I imagined someone who didn’t like me criticizing every word I wrote. Then I realized the people who don’t like me probably aren’t going to read my blog and if they did, their hate and criticism was their issue, not mine. I also worry about leaving a comment on someone’s blog. I know I was totally intimidated to leave comments on your blog the first time. It was scary. You were very nice and look how much I love your comments now. Like Christmas every time I see one. You have a great insight and view of the world. The world needs more people like you in it! Thank you for being so wonderful!

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