Positive thoughtsThinking has been a theme for me continually. I seem to have a lot of thoughts, and I wonder what they actually mean. Are my thoughts designed to guide me? Or are they here to distract me? Sometimes I could believe either scenario. Do thoughts actually provide any concrete information or do they just arrive to distract you from accomplishment? Positive thoughts always contribute to your greater good.

Some books I have read have stated that most thought is clearly produced by your brain to distract you and most of your thoughts are not worth paying attention to. They are negative and self-defeating and I think that those should be ignored and cast away. Yet others believe that through our thoughts we can create anything. By focusing on the correct thoughts and then following it with similar words and of course taking actions, will lead to a creation of whatever we initially thought about.  That is worth thinking about.

Distractions, Distractions, Distractions

The human mind creates thoughts continuously all the time. That is its job and it does it well. The quality of these thoughts is not always at the highest level but the positive thoughtsflow is constant. Most of the time people really pay no attention to the thoughts they have and definitely never consider where they come from. Thoughts about everything under the sun are great but they can take the focus away from accomplishments and goals.

If you don’t pay attention to what you think, others can.  I remember being told that if I didn’t use my mind someone else would. I was never sure what he was saying until now. How often do you let your opinions be dictated by a friend? A colleague? A boss? A religious leader? The media? Or some catchy advertisement campaign telling you how to look? Think about that when you start to trace your beliefs. They are only thoughts that we put a strong emphasis on. That can come from us or someone else. Where do your beliefs about life, yourself and others originate from? Our thoughts are distractions from what is really happening continually behind the scenes.  Do you know what that is?

Be Exactly What You Want

Now is the time to think about what you really want to be. If this isn’t the time, what are you waiting for? positive thinkingIf you decide that you would like to be fearless, confident, kind or more enlightened then it is up to you to think positive thoughts which represent that particular characteristic. Then focus on taking it to your words. Discuss being fearless. Talk like you already are. Then act like it. Do things that a fearless person would do. And then guess what? YOU ARE FEARLESS?

It all begins with a thought and a simple process can make it a reality. If you looked at your positive thoughts, how many of them are of the limiting variety? They tell you that “You can’t possibly do that.” , “You aren’t smart enough to accomplish anything.” , “You don’t have enough to do that.”  These thoughts are fine if you never want to accomplish anything or have very much self-esteem.  But most of us want to feel good about ourselves and our beliefs are what will determine how much we accomplish and what enjoyment we have while we are doing it.

Changing those to positive thoughts is as easy as focusing on “You can definitely do that!”, “You are smart enough to accomplish anything.” , “You have more than enough brains, talent, kindness, the power to do anything you want.”  Change the focus of your thoughts to thoughts of can do and the thoughts that hold you back will fall away.

What is real and what is the illusion in your life? Is it what you choose to think?

3 thoughts on “Thinking”

  1. so glad I found you again! I also wrote about thoughts. about how to stop and think before you act. Breathe and then think again.

    1. Thoughts!!! I am really being bombarded with thoughts about thoughts. In what I read and people I talk to, it is a theme that is continually coming up this week. I am considering the power of our thoughts and how important they are to our reality. Glad to see you are looking at your thoughts as well. They really are the building blocks of what we experience. 🙂

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