At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?

Carpe Diem Jonathan Hilton

Today is the day

By Jonathan Hilton

I have felt most passionate and alive right now, there is nothing that could top this moment in time until tomorrow!

There are many people who will look far into the distant past for this answer or maybe dream of a day in the future that might be better or more perfect but to me right here and right now is the place where I feel most passionate and alive.

Get More Passionate Right Now

There is really no other way to be is there? If you are not passionate and alive today than it is time to make some changes and get more passionate about the life you are living.  As I am right now looking out the window and seeing the bright light of the early morning start to defeat the darkness of the night, I can only think about the

need a change jonathan hilton

Sometimes we all do!

possibilities that today contains in it.

I can’t wait to find out what is coming.  Is it good? Is it bad? We will see, but the experience of today has never happened before, ever!

It is amazing to me how many people can just let an opportunity to enjoy life just slip past them, and treat today like it is a carbon copy Tuesday of last week, when there is absolutely no such thing.

Enjoying the difference is what allows your life to grow and change in big ways.

Someday never Comes

I think it is a huge mistake to think that it is OK to suffer and be a little unhappy today, because tomorrow will be better and bring me what I want, need or desire.

Tomorrow may never come, and once you start making excuses about chasing your passion, you may just do it for the rest of your life, living for the hope that tomorrow you will have the courage to change.

I know that there is no better opportunity than today.  That is what makes you feel alive is the belief and ability to live your life with the hope that you will achieve your goal, and to take one small action step that will lead to you finding it.

Choose to Live With Passion

Feeling alive should be a part of every morning, because if you aren’t feeling this way or

feeling passionate and alive jonathan hilton

Be like Nike

you find life too much of a drag, and it saps you of the positive feelings life gives you.

If you don’t like the way you feel about things, then it is time to stop doing them. Choose to do something else that feels better to you.

This sounds really simplistic, but honestly ask yourself how often you have chosen to be unhappy, chosen to be dissatisfied, chosen to be afraid, chosen to go with the flow.

Find your passion and choose to follow it and each day will allow you to feel the most passionate and alive that you have felt in your life.

All I know for sure is that I have this moment in life to make the best of that I can, whatever that may involve and that is all I can really be concerned with, yesterday is gone and I can’t get it back and tomorrow may never come.

Seal knows what I am talking about: Raising your consciousness, one song at a time.

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