Question It All

Curiosity-Quotes-21Children have a natural sense of wonder and curiosity of all things. How does that work? Why is that color that color? Who is the tallest?  The smartest?  There are no limits to the questions and the knowledge that children seek. We were all like that at one point, and to return to that kind of mentality could only be a positive for more experienced people.

Curious Again Like A Child

As an adult I have found that this curiosity and wonder is discouraged and seen almost as a weakness.  You are expected to become an expert in your field and experts don’t make inquiries.  There should be no need for questions, no learning of new things. You understand life and how it works. You surely must be a failure if you don’t understand life and all of its intricate moves by the time you are 40.

The truth is that nobody knows all there is to learn about life  because there is always going to be some aspect of this journey that can be expanded upon. Physically, emotionally, or spiritually.  Choose something and pursue a childlike curiosity about it and feel the wonder that will result from it.  Children don’t worry about what someone else thinks about their actions, they are just thinking.

Question Everything

curiosity ffffLearning to ask the right questions can change your life.  A question will determine  your thoughts and your words as you work out the answer.  These will lead to the actions that you take and determine the success that you experience. Ask the right questions: What should I focus on to make a lot of money today? What action can I take to be successful right now? What million dollar idea do I see? What talent should I focus on today?  Once the question is asked, your mind will begin to work on it, even when you are not consciously considering it. Your subconscious will help you work on it.

Never be afraid to get clarity about the information that you are looking for. Be clear about the goal by curiosity-quotes-images-3-0d425dd3asking the right questions. Not asking questions due to a fear of looking less than intelligent, is in fact acting less than intelligent. Form your questions wisely, because the thoughts in your mind today are going to determine the reality you experience tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Question It All”

  1. true. kids are willing to let parts of the world in, grownups tend to ignore. I loved being a cub scout leader for a bazillion years or more. It was almost sad as the years passed. I went from small boys wanting to collect cocoons to boys who thought it was gross. (I pried the cocoon off of a cement wall in a water way-I also released it after it emerged) Asking questions is fun, but it is also true grownups are not encouraged to do this. which is why people forget I do happen to have a 5 year college degree (it took me a bit to get thru) and treat me like a kid. Explore, no matter how old you are!

    1. Absolutely, I agree with you! As adults we are encouraged or almost forced to give up questioning and imagination. I can imagine that you were a great Scout leader. Keep on exploring your options in life. You may not know what it is that will make you happy. I went to college for five years, switched schools in there. I would have stayed longer because it was a lot of fun, but the world told me to get a job. So I did. I try to learn something new every day, and keep questioning how life works. Happy to hear from you!

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