Old Dog New Tricks

doggieWe all know the old saying about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks, but I am here to tell you that an old dog may, in fact, be taught new tricks, sometimes the method of the lesson need to change but the lessons can be learned.

Learning is your responsibility

The ability to learn new things and take in fresh information is one of the parts of living life that make it interesting. Show me canstock22929502the man who thinks he knows it all and I will show you a man with no clue about life.

Each day, there are new things to think about, learn about and do that there is no way one person could ever complete, learn or participate in all of the learning opportunities that present themselves. The only thing stopping one person from having more knowledge today than they had yesterday is their own mental limit on that desire. Choosing not to practice home learning.

The curiosity that we all innately experience is usually enough to push us in the direction of learning something new.  All that you need to do is have a thought and expose yourself to the ideas and experiences around that thought. The natural growth of the mind will take over from there and personal growth will inevitably occur.

New Ideas Are Everywhere

Follow Your Passion!

If you are looking for a new idea all you have to do is meet a new person, open a new book, read a new article online, or stop at a location you have never been before.

Look at things, and observe their attributes. What questions come to mind?  Being inquisitive is the fuel that will lead you to search for answers.  It is the fire to overcome your ignorance and comfort and reach out to new people and investigate new thoughts.

It doesn’t mean you disregard everything you have ever known or done, there are great building blocks in everyone and everything, but it does mean that you shouldn’t be afraid to question what you know and look to test that knowledge.  Don’t be afraid to grow, it is what you were meant to do.

Seek Your Purpose in Life

What direction should your inquisitiveness lead you? In the direction, that excites you.  I think we all have an internal tracking device inside to help guide us toward the things that keytolifelonglearning1make us happy.

If you see something and you are excited about it, that is a loud calling card for you to pursue it.  In some form or fashion, you should learn about that thing.  Passion is nothing more than high-octane fuel for your ability to learn. If it is passion about creating with wood, then create with wood.  If it is painting, then learn to paint.

If writing is your passion then write and don’t care what anyone thinks about the thoughts you create.  Do what you are passionate about and you will not only be successful, but you will enjoy life a lot more too. Seek your purpose in life at every opportunity.

You’re The Best Around, Push Yourself

This can be the most difficult thing to do because as we grow older we become settled in our ways.  The comfort of routine takes over our lives until you get to the point you rely on the

Learn Something new, and you will become a new person.
Learn Something new, and you will become a new person.

consistency to have life make sense.

In order to push yourself, you are going to have to step out of your routine.  No matter how old you are, it is possible to change your course, try something new, drive in a new direction, or just be yourself.

The limits of your ability are certainly never going to be tested if you follow the safe and well-trodden path that routine actions provide.  Step out of it, try new things, travel, meditate, read books of philosophy!  Try yoga!  Push yourself to go to places in the world and in your mind that you never dreamed existed.

Learn, Learn, Learn

Learning is a life long advernture!
Learning is a life-long adventure!

There is no way that I can express in words, the excitement that learning something totally new can provide.  There is a question in your mind, you search for an answer, that question eventually will have an answer.

Then it will be replaced by another question.  Don’t ever stop answering those questions, learn with all that you have.  You will never know everything, but if you stop looking death will not be far away.

Learn what you can, discuss it with who will listen and ask questions of those who have more knowledge.  Using this model there is absolutely nothing you can’t learn and nothing you can’t accomplish.  

3 thoughts on “Old Dog New Tricks”

  1. When I was in college I was talked out of taking two classes. I wish, to this day, I had taken the one on Ornithology. No, it didn’t do anything for my diploma, but I follow birds today and nothing on my diploma really matters. Another odd thing. Today, I thought to myself, I wonder if my family would spring for an online geology class from my neighbor (she’s a professor). So, I thought about your post even before reading it!!

    1. Great that you are thinking of taking a class expanding your interests! Do it. I as well have a hard time gleaning exactly what knowledge I gained from my degree. I learned a lot of good lessons in the process of getting my education but the actual educational process was a waste I think. I used the degree for years but I don’t think I learned very much from it. Good luck with getting the online geology class. I hope you do and it is everything you hoped it would be Kris. 🙂

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