5 Ways to Recognize Your Greatness

What is Normal?

All people have a greatness within them. Don’t believe me? Well, then I challenge you to do the following 5 things and see what you can learn about yourself.

With the powerful messages from the media we get inundated with each day, of perfect looking people always happy, it sends the message that unless you look like them you won’t really be happy.

This is ridiculous because every person has weaknesses, short comings, unique likes and thoughts,  the ideal of perfection unattainable.  The media tells you what you should think is attractive, what beauty you should aspire to reach.  No person on the face of the Earth can live up to that expectation of perfection.

Some Personal Beliefs

my mind works overtime, sometimes
my mind works overtime, sometimes


I developed a post about my core beliefs a few years ago. I have experienced a lot since then, but it is remarkable that so much of what I believed has stood up to the test of time.

These personal beliefs are ever evolving but this is where they stand right now.

A Good Day

What’s Your Mood Today?

I say it all the time, “Have a great day!”  and I hear it all the time from others as well, but it

Have a Good Day
It is a choice

seems like so many people are glum and gloomy every day that they have definitely decided to ignore this kind and tender wish.  The unhappiness seems to be so prevalent that I decided to write a little to remind people exactly how to achieve that fantastic day that is there for the taking each and every sunrise.

Only Choice is Fear or Love

To fear or to love?

You May Disagree
You May Disagree

All situations in life can be broken down into a simple choice. Will you think and act out of fear? Or will you think and act out of love?

I believe that EVERYTHING you think will make a difference in your life.  I believe this  because of a lifetime of experience and entertaining the wrong types of thoughts.  Basically, I lived much of my life under the influence of fear but have chosen to make a change and look at things with thoughts of love.

Let Go of Judgements

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

No Judgments
That is my goal!

For much of my life, I spent a whole lot of time worrying about what other people thought about the things that I did.

To the point that often I would not do things I wanted because I was afraid of what others might think.  The fear stopped me from doing some silly inconsequential things and large things alike.

When the thoughts in my head worried about the thoughts in others, the results were a constant fear of showing what I really was like.  There was a chance that someone might not like what I would be doing.

Fear is Just a Thought

Moving past our fears
Everyone Experiences Fear

So you have a goal in mind and you feel it just might be your passion. It is right there in front of you like the low hanging fruit on a tree. All you have to do is reach out and pluck it and it is yours.

Yet you don’t reach, you stand or sit and just watch the fruit as it hangs there tantalizing your senses.  It is often fear that stops us from following our passions and for me most often I have found fear to be a huge barrier to doing what I want.  What is it that I am afraid of?

Your Time Is Now

If you haven’t achieved it yet, what do you have to lose?

accomplish motivations
You Can Do It Now!

There are two ways to go with this answer, you can say: “If something hasn’t happened yet then it is not ever going to happen.”  This will lead to losing the few strands of hope you have left for accomplishing the task you dream about.

Or the other answer can be: “The time must be ripe for whatever it is that you have brewing, and dream of achieving, and the only thing you have to lose is more time passing before you achieve whatever it is you want to accomplish.”  Thus leading to the achievement of your dreams.  I don’t know about you but the second one sounds better to me.

Winning the Battle Within

Winning The Battle In Each Of Us

Winning the Inner Battle

Inside every person in the world there exists a conflict between your two selves.

Students of psychology have several different names for these “voices” , some refer to them as your ego, or perhaps your super ego, but for my purposes I will address these two voices as Self I and Self II.

These two entities are constantly battling for control of our thoughts and actions.  If you don’t believe it, who answers you in your head when you ask the simplest question?  One voice asks, the other one answers.  It happens all of the time.  Now let’s get to meet your two voices.

The Year I Learned to Write

 What can you do today that you were not capable of a few years ago?


When I think back to where exactly I was 365 days ago, it never ceases to amaze me the jagged artwork that change has woven into the tapestry of my life.  Each seemingly unconnected event has worked to put me exactly where I am supposed to be.

Many philosophies support the idea of a preconceived plan for everyone. I am not sure about that yet, but sometimes it seems like things fall into place in ways that you would never believe. So here are some of the things that I can do today that I was not capable of a few years ago.

Three Steps to Inner Peace

How to Find Inner Peace

There are so many ways to improve your outlook on life that it is virtually

inner peace
Everyone Wants To Feel Good Inside

impossible for me to list them all here for you, but in general, there are a few simple tips I can give you that have made my own personal enjoyment of life increase exponentially.

These are not extremely difficult things to do, solving advanced math problems or rocket science is difficult, finding peace should be simple.

It just requires you to honestly look at yourself and the situations that affect how you feel and making the choice to let events enhance your life not harm it.

Forget Your Regrets

What would you regret not fully doing, being or having in your life? 

4559365435_16203_gallery_xlargeLife is full of moments, each with its own individual fanfare and trumpets, that it is up to you to embrace or at least to notice, the majesty in each and every day.

Some people live their life grasping with a focus completely on the past, hoping to find out their identity yet ending up with a hand that contains nothing but regrets about what the past has provided.

Madness, Fear and Danger


Finding your path is not always this easy.
Finding your path is not always this easy.

Life is a wonderful and funny thing. It is destined to surprise you and lead you to places that you may never have anticipated.  I believe that much of the enjoyment of life comes directly from inside of you and how you perceive the people you meet and the experiences you have.

Sometimes early on in the journey of life, you may find life a confusing jumble of mixed messages and emotions that it seems would take the greatest adventurer or psychic to smooth out and work through.  Nobody ever said that the life would be easy, but in the end, it has the potential to be the most rewarding journey you can have.

Looking Up

This is a phone. It used to be in your home and if you weren't there, nobody could get in touch with you. Scary to most people today.
This is a phone. It used to be in your home and if you weren’t there, nobody could get in touch with you. Scary to most people today.

There are few things more invasive in all of our lives today than the electronic tethers and ties that are continually connecting us to the world whether we are really in need of connection or not .   I have recently started to take notice of all the time I spend checking social media and keeping my phone handy just in case……someone calls, texts or messages me on Facebook.  What I have realized is that this type of attention is not doing me any good and the electronic tentacles of the world are as strongly attached to me as they are to any young person. I am old enough to remember what life was like before we had this technology.  Your phone was at home and when you left people didn’t have to talk with you until you got to work or wherever you were going.  You could go play a round of golf, or go for a walk without any way to communicate with the outside world. I survived just fine and so did the world.   Now if you can’t answer a text message fast enough people feel slighted and upset with you. There is a viral video about breaking the electronic

Your Choices Always Matter

Everything  Matters

All Choices Matter
Your Choices Matter

I have found this one fact pervasive throughout my life, EVERYTHING we do matters when it comes to our happiness and enjoyment of life.

Every decision that you make throughout every day of you life is a contributor to the essence of  your existence.  Each decision you make to support someone or to knock someone down will be reflected in your own experience.

I mean there are clues everywhere, and you might be able to figure it out, but it would have been so much easier if someone had just sat me down and told me the way things worked.  That is hat this post is for,  if it informs one person, then it is worth it.

Seize Your Day

At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?

Carpe Diem Jonathan Hilton
Today is the day

By Jonathan Hilton

I have felt most passionate and alive right now, there is nothing that could top this moment in time until tomorrow!

There are many people who will look far into the distant past for this answer or maybe dream of a day in the future that might be better or more perfect but to me right here and right now is the place where I feel most passionate and alive.

Live Your Life

What is the difference between living and existing?


When you look back on your life are you going to remember the times you decided to not try and stretch yourself and accepted what life has given you?

Or will you think back onto the moments where you gave it your best effort and either exceeded beyond all expectation or failed miserably?

  Either way, you were fully engaged in the process of finding what you were made of.  I believe that much of the difference between living and just existing stems from this search to measure ourselves.

Nothing Stays the Same

Writing has been a great experience but I continually find myself staying away from personal stories or experiences because I was afraid. Sharing your inner thoughts about things that you feel is like exposing yourself to the world and in that showing, there is the chance that what you think or feel will be exposed as a weakness.

The core of my writing here has been about the lessons that I have learned but rarely about the experiences that have taught the lessons. I think that in order to get to an honest place in my writing and in my life there needs to be a complete reckoning of the experiences that have led me to this place and caused me to be insightful, understanding, stubborn and a real pain in the ass to some people.

The Golden Rule

golden-ruleYesterday, I was reminded how simple our philosophy of life should be. We should all be treating others based on the way we would like to be treated. If we all followed this pattern of behavior, many of the world’s problems would be eliminated easily. However, as we all know there are sometimes things that get in the way of putting the golden rule into practice. Here are a few explanations and thoughts on how to make sure that you are following the golden rule and doing your part to make sure the world is a better place.

Moving Toward the Positive


everything you do matters
All of your actions and thoughts determine your experience.

Looking back on my life, it has become clear that a vast array of things exist that I was never taught to think about. Clearly, there were lessons that needed to be taught that I missed out on.  As a young man, I lived life with no real consideration for the impact of my actions or thoughts on the big picture. I had no Idea of the value they could provide or the influence that they might have in my own unique existence. I have often wished that someone would have pulled me aside when I was 15 and told me that everything I did really mattered, for good and bad. Yet I probably wouldn’t have listened anyway, but it would have been good to have the option.

Learning The Hard Way

What life lesson did you learn the hard way?

hard way

In life there are really only two ways to learn things, the easy way and the hard way.

I envy the people who can master learning the easy way, for I can only read about these types of accomplishments. My talent in that area is clearly lacking.

There are many lasting lessons that I have had to learn  the hard way.  That is the only way that the lessons sink in and stick.  There are in fact a few important life lessons that I have learned the hard way that might be beneficial for someone to read about. Perhaps they will learn about them the easy way.