Let Go of Judgements

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

No Judgments
That is my goal!

For much of my life, I spent a whole lot of time worrying about what other people thought about the things that I did.

To the point that often I would not do things I wanted because I was afraid of what others might think.  The fear stopped me from doing some silly inconsequential things and large things alike.

When the thoughts in my head worried about the thoughts in others, the results were a constant fear of showing what I really was like.  There was a chance that someone might not like what I would be doing.

The problem with this thought pattern is that you never actually are able to act like yourself, and that doesn’t allow you to just be you. There is a lot of pressure that people put on themselves to be perfect, and perfection is not only impossible it is extremely boring.  So what would I do differently today? Not a thing.

judgment defines you not others
Look inward before You Judge Someone and their behavior.

There is an impression that this question builds in your mind that if you were released from the harsh thoughts of society that you would suddenly do things that were totally out of character, run through the streets naked, dance in the aisles at Wal-Mart or some other flamboyant action.

If I did these things for the sake of looking unafraid of judgment, then I am worried about how someone else looks at my thoughts and feelings, and those days are gone.

The truth about freedom that I have liked is that I am free to be myself and say screw the judgments of others, but that has just meant that I can do the things I like to do without worry. These things haven’t changed much at all, but the perception I have of them and how others perceive them has.

So I like to read and learn about life and why people are the way they are.  I still do this; the difference is I will share my thoughts if you ask.  I don’t care if you agree because a challenge is great, all thoughts should be challenged so that they stand up as truths if they don’t then you will move a step closer to finding what truth is.  So I haven’t started dressing differently, or acting a whole lot differently, I just don’t care what anyone else thinks about how I dress or how I act, and it feels fantastic.

now be yourself
Who else could you possibly be?

There are things I do now that I might not have had the courage to do before, and each one I recognize as a step forward, although I think for many people they would be quite small steps indeed.

One of the most significant things that have arisen from this change of thought, is that I judge others much less. In fact, I try not to judge at all. I have learned to appreciate the differences that each individual brings to the world and the vibrant contrast allows for a broad spectrum of color in life. It is a much more interesting canvas that I see painted in front of me.

This broad variety can be scary to some, but should be embraced, just as you accept each person for their unique ability, so will you be accepted as unique and wonderful.  I think that there is a misconception that a “normal” state actually exists when the real normal is that you should just be who you are and that my friend, is good enough.

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