a138890e4646fecda59789f343ebc053Each of us has the opportunity each day to learn something. In fact, the only thing stopping us from learning information that will expand our minds, building our potential and developing a greater understanding of the world and ourselves, is a decision not to learn.

Knowledge is the great equalizer for all people and the choice to not pursue it will make you a smaller person and limit what you can do.

Growth Comes From Learning

knowledge 2Nobody was born knowing anything. Circumstances and opportunities have allowed some to learn things quicker and easier, but there is no limit on most healthy people that stops them from gaining insight and knowledge other than themselves.  Each day is an opportunity to learn something and it would seem difficult to near impossible to stop yourself from gaining knowledge but our society does a good job of making sure the learning is kept to a minimum.

Get Focused and Nothing Can Stop You

knowledge 3Distraction is one of the best tools to deny a person from learning something new. We are bombarded with distractions throughout the day, from mindless entertainment on the television, computer screen or tablet, we can be distracted from taking the time to learn something new. These continual interruptions and distractions keep our minds occupied with flashing lights and away from the real process of thought.  If you took just a fraction of the time that is spent pursuing these activities and devoted it to learning something, imagine what you could achieve.

It has to be a problem of our educational system as well. Learning should be the most fascinating and wonderful thing a person experiences, yet most when completing their schooling are left wanting to stay far away from the learning process. This seems backward to me. How can we leave places of higher learning and not want to learn more about everything?

Our society seems to talk about education being important, but then turns around and puts strict limitations on the information that can be taught and even stricter limits on how a person can collect knowledge. It is clear that people learn in different ways and that has nothing to do with intelligence. Imagine what we could do with a whole generation of thinkers who feel a sense of self-worth?

Knowledge is Key

The phrase, “knowledge is the key” is probably overused, or at least used so much that it has lost all of knowledge 4its meaning.  It is the truth, the only limits to what you can achieve, socially, physically, spiritually or in any other realm are dictated by how much you know.

Acquiring new knowledge has never been easier. There is no topic that you can’t learn a lot about just using the internet. There has never been a more wide open availability of information. You don’t need to go to college to find the answers that you seek, you need a device with internet connection and a desire to know more.  Anyone can become an expert in anything simply by devoting the time toward what interests you.

“Ignorance is God’s prison. Knowing is God’s palace.”

Whatever you do and whatever you want to learn, don’t stop believing that you can accomplish great things!


7 thoughts on “Learn”

  1. I find our education system now a days is getting pretty damn lazy! sure we need the technology, but kids cant do math, english or read worth a lick. Knowing about the world around them is also problem.
    I think technology is great but it is also a problem. We have all this knowledge around us at our fingertips, but at the same time we spend too much time on computers doing nothing worth wild, so we learn nothing of value.
    my ramblings…lol

    1. I agree Rebecca. It is worse than the education system it is the world at large. We all have access to incredible knowledge yet most would rather just watch Netflix. Thank you for the comment and for taking the time to read and comment. You always make my day. 🙂

      1. Oh thank you! I’m happy to make your day!
        I will admit, I am one of those people who will go online search for the odd thing to learn, then go straight to YouTube!
        But I’m allowed, I did my time in the education system bwahaha!

        1. Yes you are allowed Rebecca, you have earned it!! You can learn a bit from Youtube. 🙂 We all did our time in that system and freedom should be most important. Have a great day being awesome!

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