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What I would change about the World

If there was one thing that I could change about the world it would be to

you're not good enough
Messages people receive every day

remove the thought, “I’m not good enough” , from the thought process of everyone in the world.

This single thought has managed to cause more damage than any other in the history of mankind and if people are honest, every person has entertained this thought at one time or another.

The fact of the matter is that if we could remove this thought, people would experience higher self-esteem and be free to be the best person that they can be without feeling bad about things like your body style, wealth or social standing.

This is particularly true with our young people who have to deal with a hyper-critical world that broadcasts images of perfection that nobody could ever possibly live up to.

 Build a Positive Body Image

You are what you want to be!

Body image is a huge factor that people face throughout their lives.  Instead of focusing on the content of the character of the individuals our society is producing, our media is constantly bombarding our young people with images that tell them what they should consider beautiful.

The problem is that the image is unattainable for 95% of the population if not more.  The message that people receive is that you are not good enough because you are too heavy, you are too short, or you don’t have the right clothes.

These images make great people feel bad about things that they can’t help.  There seems to be no way to go backward and send a different message to our kids because the messages we send them are not very positive ones.

The simple fact of the matter is that nobody is going to be truly happy until they accept themselves as they are and realize that they are fantastic just like they are. Your character is not measured by how you look, how much you weigh, or what clothes you wear.

Anyone who says any differently is trying to build themselves up by knocking you down.  They have their own feeling of not being good enough and are trying to compensate by putting you down. YOU are fantastic!

Follow Your Passion to A Career

you are good enough
Love Yourself

Some people have heard the message that they are not good enough in their head so much that they have decided to prove the world wrong!

They strive to show them all,  by becoming the most successful, and rich that they can become.  By accumulating the “Best” job and making lots of money, to buy many, many things, surely that will prove that they are good enough?

Surely they are successful and they are valuable and worthy to themselves and society.

The sad truth is that you can own everything in the world, but if you don’t accept yourself as you are, and love that person, you will never be happy, no matter how much money you have.

You will be good enough when you stop listening to the judgments of others and embrace the goodness inside of you.  Choose a job that you are passionate about and you will not only be happy, but you will most likely find financial success as well.

Don’t Give Up on Your Greatness

There is another group that has heard the message that you’re not good enough, and they have simply embraced the message and decided that there is no way to feel good about yourself so they have hidden in a mask of drug addiction.

It doesn’t matter if the drug is alcohol or crystal meth, the result is the same, there is a fundamental dislike of the way that they feel about themselves, they will never be good enough like they are: so why try?  This has led to an epidemic of young, vital, great people throwing their potential away because they simply didn’t feel good enough.

Once you are into that lifestyle, it seems nearly impossible to get out of it.  It all begins because a person hears the voice in their head tell them that they are not good enough.

Reach for the Stars and You Might Hit the Moon

For most people, the message that “you’re not good enough”, will be a constant, pervading message that will serve to keep you from reaching your potential, or significantly diminish your ability to enjoy the things that you do.

Sometimes you may find that you don’t try something because you have been so conditioned that you don’t have the talent or ability to try.  The truth is that all of us have the potential to do almost anything we want to do, from getting rich to be famous, but we lack the confidence and belief in ourselves to follow through and make it happen.

If you live your life thinking that there is no way that I could be super successful, is there any wonder that it never happens?  Every person is born with an unlimited amount of potential to achieve whatever they desire, and they spend the rest of their lives trying to remember what that talent was.

It is the fear that we actually might prove that we aren’t good enough that stops us from trying or doing many things.  Let go of that fear and there are no limits to what you might be able to accomplish.

So if I could change one thing about the world it would definitely be to remove the thought “I’m not good enough” , from the minds of everybody and replace it with  You are a great human soul with unlimited potential.

What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?


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