my mind works overtime, sometimes
my mind works overtime, sometimes


I developed a post about my core beliefs a few years ago. I have experienced a lot since then, but it is remarkable that so much of what I believed has stood up to the test of time.

These personal beliefs are ever evolving but this is where they stand right now.

All People are Connected

Call it God, the Universe, or whatever your religion dictates, but to me, we are all connected through divine order.  All people contain the same abilities for great love and an equal ability for evil.   I believe that it is the perceived separateness of the world that leads to many of the problems we face in religion, race, age, sexuality or any other label we can apply to each other. Just as many drops fall together to make the ocean, we are all unique pieces of the whole. The more we recognize how we are the same, the more understanding and kindness we can show each other and the better the world will be.

Practice kindness with all people because you are a few circumstances away from being exactly in their shoes.

Your Actions Define Who YOU Are

Talk is cheap, what you do is the definition of your character.  I have heard the soft and sympathetic words that were worth absolutely nothing but have been blessed by the actions of many great people.  Saying you are something means nothing, being that thing means everything.

Taking action is the catalyst to all achievement great and small. Having the courage to go, stay, jump, start, stop, begin again, love, share, understand, give, etc. Is the beginning of anything and will lead you to understand who you really are and to find your place in the world.

Live in the Moment, it is all you have

It seems like I have wasted a lot of time, feeling bad about the past and the things I can never change or worrying about the future and the things that most likely will never come.  When I can live in the moment, then I find peace, motivation, enjoyment, love, etc.

Being in the moment and being grateful for all that exists in the moment with you at that time is a great recipe for happiness. Plan the best you can, through goal setting and dreams but understand that you can’t control everything and sometimes the things that happen, which seem unwanted end up providing unforeseen growth and understanding. They catapult us into places we wouldn’t have thought to go.

Thinking in a Positive Manner  Leads to a Happier Life

“Bad” stuff happens to everyone at some point in life, how you deal with it is important.  Life is full of things that you define as good or bad.  Defining them as positives allow you to enjoy life more, be healthier, and provide support to those you love. While negative thinking is defeatist in nature and will supply you with the exact opposite.

How you choose to perceive anything will determine the overall value it provides to your experience of life. All things have a potential to work for good. Your mental state will determine how much good they provide your life if any.

Positive thinking does not ignore the negative, it should put it into a perspective of positive, as best that you can. It also doesn’t mean that you accept the poor behavior of others. It means that you do not choose to let poor behavior influence you in a negative way. I can’t control the behavior and choices of others, only the choices that I make. That is it. I simply try to do better than I did yesterday, that is all I can do.

All People Have Value

This is difficult to remember sometimes when I am angry or someone has hurt me but that doesn’t change the fact that I believe this is true.  People live differently, make poor decisions, and look differently, but inside they are all valuable. Every person that you meet knows something that you don’t and that is the thing that is one of the many values of meeting new people.

All that separates any of us from the circumstances of another is mere chance.  At our core, we are all beings of love. Keep this in mind and be patient with others. There are always thousands of unseen reasons that lead to behavior. Don’t be quick to judge a story by the one short chapter you see, read the whole book so that you can understand things in context.

Dreaming is Vitally Important

Every person that has ever been born has had a dream of some kind. There are no exceptions.  Life has a way of making many of us forget these dreams as we are swept up in living from day to day and the years drift past us.

Dreams of being a musician, a painter, a doctor, an astronaut, a professional athlete or any other dream you might have had are a good thing.  Dreams help us to set our intentions for our actions. It is never too late to pursue a dream, and whether the dream is completed or not, the journey is going to be the valuable part that makes you who you are.

When a person takes action they can make their dream come true.  That action will lead to a result of success or failure. Failure is not an ending, it is the roadmap to finding another way to find success. Action toward your dream is the only way that you will know what works.

Gratitude is the Right Attitude

Being grateful for what you have in life leads to appreciation. Rather than looking for something else you don’t have for comfort or happiness, look at what you do have and be grateful for it.

There are many benefits that gratitude will bring to a life, but happiness and enjoyment are two of the best. Remember that those you love and who love you are the greatest gifts and should never be taken for granted, be grateful for them.

Forgiveness is Necessary to Move Forward

Who hasn’t been hurt? Let down? We all have issues with others and we all have a choice, be angry or forgive them. Forgiveness is a tonic that will allow you to be free. It isn’t condoning or approving of the behavior of others, but it is an acceptance of what has happened and making the choice to not let the power of that event rule you.

To forgive someone for something they did that harmed you is very difficult. It can’t just be lip service of saying that they are forgiven, it has to be inside your heart.  The only one who can give forgiveness is you, and the sooner you give it, the sooner you can move on.  Letting go of pain, sadness, anger or any other negative emotion is key to enjoying life.

I read somewhere that you know that someone is forgiven when you think of them and there is not a subtle searing inside your heart.  It can take a conscious effort but with forgiveness comes freedom and strength.

Embrace Love, Avoid Fear

All people carry this choice inside of them. The one you pay attention to will determine the experience of your life.  Focus on the love based emotions of kindness, understanding, generosity, acceptance, patience, nd love, while avoiding the fear based emotions and thoughts of anger, hate, separation, jealousy, stereotyping, and judgment. It can be harder to do than it sounds but the effort is well worth it.  Our experience is largely the result of this continual decision. Fear or love?

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