Good Day

What’s Your Mood Today?

I say it all the time, “Have a great day!”  and I hear it all the time from others as well, but it

Have a Good Day
It is a choice

seems like so many people are glum and gloomy every day that they have definitely decided to ignore this kind and tender wish.  The unhappiness seems to be so prevalent that I decided to write a little to remind people exactly how to achieve that fantastic day that is there for the taking each and every sunrise.

Raise Your Mood!

A great way to raise your mood to happy is to seriously and consistently think about what you appreciate.  Many of us spend so much time thinking about the things that we don’t have, that we feel a void in our lives from its absence.

In reality, if you focus on what you do have, and you are truly grateful for it, you will find you will soon have what you need.   Try it, and make a list that you run over in your mind.  I am grateful for my home, I am grateful for my family, I am grateful for my

Be Thankful
Be Thankful Every Day

car, I am grateful for my shoes that make me feel so great.  We all have a list like this and to refer to it consistently on a daily basis will help you develop the strong and vigorous day we all want every each day.

You Control what You Think

Open yourself up to positive thoughts that are all around you. You have the choice to pay attention to all of the positive thoughts that were ever created, or you can focus on all of the negative thoughts that seemingly surround us every day.  This was best described to me like this, that if you go to Google and you enter the search phrase, “Inspirational Men and Women”, you will immediately have access to the stories and thoughts of many powerfully positive people and the positive stories that come with them. This positive energy is bound to get your day moving in a positive direction.   Conversely, if you Google the phrase, “evil deeds” you are going to be inundated with all of the most negative acts of people from history and if you invest your

how to be happy
You make these choices every day

thoughts and efforts in those things then it is little wonder that you will be a bit negative on that day.  The same is true for our thoughts in everyday life, you can invite all of the positive thoughts to enter your mind and influence your day in the best of ways.

Choose Wisely

This is the basic choice that you have to make every day, even when things are just piling up on you and making you feel overwhelmed there is still an opportunity to make it an outstanding day.  For all things, there is a season and some days you are going to be a little sad, mad or frustrating, but realizing that you have a conscious choice to have a great day, regardless of what is happening,  may help you to not only help yourself to a better day but to help someone else achieve this as well.

A Song to help you Have a Wonderful Day!!!!


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