The Battle Within

Winning The Battle In Each Of Us

Winning the Inner Battle

Inside every person in the world, there exists a conflict between your two selves.

Students of psychology have several different names for these “voices”, some refer to them as your ego, or perhaps your super ego, but for my purposes, I will address these two voices as Self I and Self II.

These two entities are constantly battling for control of our thoughts and actions.  If you don’t believe it, who answers you in your head when you ask the simplest question?  One voice asks the other one answers.  It happens all of the time.  Now let’s get to meet your two voices.

Sometimes You’re a Jerk to Yourself

Too-much-EgoSelf I(ego, primitive self, jerk, whatever you want to call it.) is your stern voice, it is a know it all, who does nothing but issue commands and judges every result.

This is the voice that will tell you that you are stupid for trying, or that will never work, or call you an idiot when things don’t quite turn out the way that you hoped.  This voice has been building inside you since you were born to protect you from disappointment, to keep you safe.

It doesn’t mean to stagnate your growth or cause you to carry around an impossibly negative attitude towards everything and everybody.  You will see this voice in evidence in people who are continually judging others and always believing that their way is the best way.

Now their way may be, in fact, the best way, but if someone is dominated by this voice, they will never seek anything outside of their experience because to do so, would put at risk the status quo and that would be too scary for them to deal with.

Fear of the unknown can make many an individual cling to their old ways and habits, simply because although they may be bad, they are a known entity, and better to feel bad continually by something that you know than to risk something new.

Raising your level of hope that things can get better only to be disappointed is just too scary for most people.  It is much safer to never try and not know how you would fare than to try and fail.  Failure is only one more step to success, and without taking steps you may never find it.

Say Hello to your true self

Self II is the voice of your subconscious mind, the absolutely human part of your mind that subconscious-mind-powerwill create creative scenarios and ideas for you to follow.

This voice will urge you to pursue your talents and try to create something great, ignoring the critical “Self I” voice and all of its defense minded musings.  This voice will tell you about all of your natural potential as well as informing you about the skills and capabilities that you possess that will enable you to act and achieve most anything that you have put your mind towards accomplishing.

This ability to rely on ourselves and continue to develop and release our potential, I think is what most people are looking for in life.  We have the skills and talents to achieve most things we set our minds toward doing if we just allow our true talents to shine through the naturally negative expectations of ourselves and others.

People who have achieved greatness in any field, to some degree, and at some point in their life were able to find, listen to and follow this positive inner voice.

Simple Path to Success

I love this picture! Thank you, Google Images!

The simple path to success involves, recognizing your own limiting voice, and choosing to ignore it and listen to your inner positive voice which will allow you to succeed in the path that you should follow.

Finding your ability to hear your own positive voice will enable you to continue to grow as a person and release your nearly unlimited potential to do whatever it is you set your mind to.

Ignoring the negative voice in you that says, nothing but negative and judgmental things, will allow your positive attitude to bloom into whatever you dream for it to be.  Being the best that you can be is within you.

All people have the ability within themselves to be a great and powerful person including both you and me.

The following song is for all of the “Boxing” we do with ourselves.  We all do it and it is unnecessary we are all on the same team.


10 thoughts on “The Battle Within”

  1. So my ego is the little angel on my shoulder telling me not to do the things that might get me in trouble, and my superego is the little devil on my other shoulder telling me to “go for it already?” 😉
    Sorry, couldn’t help that bit of silliness… that’s my superego shining through.
    Great message here, as always, JD: we all have it within ourselves to be the best we can be. I completely agree with that statement. We do have it within us to be great, to give our all, to become who we are meant to be if we would just let ourselves take the chances we are offered to reach it,

    1. Thank you Matt for the comment. You seem to be listening to the right voices right now. We all have a superstar inside of us. You certainly do my friend.

  2. This post reminded me of a T. Harv Eker seminar that I attended at the end of last year. One of the most profound lessons was this: We essentially have a conditioned mind (thanks to years of programming and conditioning be that via parents, school, religion etc.). It is the role of the conditioned mind to keep the status quo, keep us in our comfort zone, and resist change. If we want to change and grow, it is critical that we learn to recognize this fact and act in spite of our conditioned minds.
    Thanks Jonathan, always a pleasure x

    1. Thank you BG, for the great comment and for reading! It makes my day to read your work. My own mind was so negatively conditioned that I didn’t even realize how negative I was. Once I started letting the programming go it opened my eyes to what I was missing. Then it took circumstances to help me spread myself a bit further and to break through it. I still have struggles with change like everyone I suppose, but I am better today than I was yesterday!! Love your comments. 🙂

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