All the possibilities in the world are open to you today. There are dreams to pursue and make come true. Go for it!

why not

I have encountered  a lot of people who spend their time loudly and definitively  telling themselves and all who will listen,  why someone should not be attempting to chase a dream. Why they shouldn’t follow their innermost desire or pursue a goal that seems to be an integral part of themselves and their destiny.

If you want to see what I mean, tell someone a dream you have. and listen to the almost instant negative and/or detrimental response. “You had better be careful.”  or “You can’t make a living doing that.”  If you don’t experience that, you have found  a true friend and supporter.

This mystifies me because would we have ever had any great art or any innovative ideas if all people followed that negative reaction around them?  Of course, we would not.  So why is it so easy for people to idolize the great innovators in history, yet to dismiss the hopes and dreams of people they know and love in their own lives who are reaching to make a difference? When the thing to do is to GO FOR IT with all that you have to contribute what your heart tells you that you should.

Fear Is The Reason

All people at some point had dreams of doing something fantastic, Earth shattering and/or totally unique.  Something that would have defined them for all time.  That is everybody, from the waitress at the coffee shop to a famous musician.  It baffles me then, tumblr_lb8t6j1ldz1qdwetoo1_400_large1why it is that people are not more universally supportive of others when they make their dreams known to us.

Their dream could be for fame, fortune, acting, music, feeding the world, or even world peace, yet most times when a friend or loved one share a dream with you, almost immediately you devise a list detailing why that dream can’t possibly happen.  Followed almost immediately by a sharing of those doubts and fears with the dreamer. We work to tear down the structure of the goal before it can become acted upon.

Is it any wonder that most people just keep their dreams to themselves, letting them live in the dark spaces of their minds.  Never taking action, because if those we hold closest don’t believe in us, it is very difficult to believe in ourselves?  And I believe in most cases this sabotage is done out of fear. Either they don’t want the dreamer to experience the pain of failure, or they are afraid that if they do achieve their dream, then they will feel inadequate for not following their own dream. Don’t let these voices stop you from seeking your passion, GO FOR IT!!


Success is Magnificent!

That is why it is so magnificent when someone does achieve their dreams and goals.  They not only had to develop the dream and overcome their own self-doubt and worry but also the doubt and in many cases the ridicule of the world in order to achieve what Quotes-on-success-List-of-top-35-success-quotes-10they want to do.

The great news is that all people have the power inside of themselves to ask: Why Not?  It is with the asking of this question that your focus changes and instead of focusing on the reasons why you can’t do what you dream about, you are focusing on why your can achieve what your heart tells you that you should.  It is not too late until this life is over, so do not be afraid to follow that dream in your heart.


We all have a talent inside us which is constantly looking for an expression.  All people have a desire to be themselves and share their talent with the world.  Life sometimes makes it difficult to be yourself and share your talent, but if you can remember that talent, there is always a chance that you will be able to share your gift, invent something new or even change the world, with the simple action of following your dream.


So look inside you and seek the dream that you have, and ask yourself honestly, Why not? Take a deep breath and move forward toward your dream. Just GO FOR IT!!


4 thoughts on “GO FOR IT”

  1. such a great post! I agree with you, people such as artists and musicians are always afraid to follow their dreams because their family always want them to be doctors, lawyers etc. They want them to make money and be elite. They want to protect them!
    I think parents who urge their children to follow their dreams are amazing.
    did i even make sense!
    anyway, I loved your post! such encouragement!

    1. Perfect sense Rebecca, it is the truth parents and others try to protect people from disappointment and pain but that is not their job, in my opinion. If someone wants to try anything then have at it. If you fail or it doesn’t work out it is their failure and their lesson. Some people are just negative because they are too scared to try for their own dreams and goals, that they don’t want anyone else to be successful because it will make them feel worse that they never had the courage to attempt their own dream. People are funny. I am glad you liked this and I hope your dreams are clear on the horizon for you!!

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