Choosing Personal Growth

Personal Growth Leads to Living Well

personal growth 22In our lives, there is nothing so important as seeking out and pursuing opportunities to grow as a person. Just as any other living creature, our purpose in life is to contribute and to continually move toward becoming our best selves. Just as plants are born and start to grow throughout their lives.

As you look at your life and each activity that you are participating in asking yourself if there is a chance for growth in doing this.  We are all consciously, physically and mentally going one of two ways. 1. We are getting better or becoming more or growing  2. We are getting worse, becoming less or shrinking.

Nobody is staying the same. Our actions which stem from our decisions each day are the forces that determine our direction.

Personal Growth Through Pain

Sometimes growth stems out of pain. We often

Unique personal growth can come from painful expeirences
Unique personal growth can come from painful experiences

wonder why painful events happen in our lives. Yet these events often move you to strike out in a new direction rather than stay where you are. In fact, the pain can provide motivation and momentum to each of us to find new avenues for our talents, or roads to travel, which we would never have conceived of before.  Our shell is broken and a new life of growth will result.

With those we love, we try to shield them from the painful things in life. Our children especially, under the guise of protecting them, we are potentially robbing them of some of the most powerful growth experiences. Being  with them at painful times, allowing them to feel and providing empathetic support and sharing in their suffering, realizing that there is a time in life that pain happens and all we can do is reassure that healing comes. It does come eventually, if you let it.

Life Long  Education= Personal Growth

personal.growth.barrier.3.bGrowth can also occur through production, by taking action. An interest will present itself and through the natural forces of inquiry, a person will pursue their interest to find out more.  The student who learns throughout their education and training to master their craft.

The problem is that there is a lot of life left after your formal education has been completed and learning needs to be a life long pursuit that will continually keep you on a path of growth.  Most often this is an individually motivated choice of practice. If you don’t look for ways to improve yourself, learn something new or develop your mind and body then the alternative is to slowly move backward. Today we have access to a world of education and can learn how to do anything at all. We only need an internet connection to learn about anything from anatomy to rocket science.

Growth is NOT Difficult

It is not difficult to grow, in your mind or in the talents you possess. Like anything ever in life it involves taking an interest, developing an intent and taking action potentialtoward the completion of a goal or developing a skill.  The passion that a person has toward achieving that goal is going to determine how difficult the task will ultimately be.

Looking for opportunities to grow daily is vitally important. You are never too old, too poor, too big, too small or too anything else to find avenues for personal growth.  Reading something of substance each day is a good way to start. Each new idea or thought that you are exposed to will allow your mind to expand and think better and more efficiently. Once a mind expands, it takes a lot of neglect to move it in the opposite direction. Choose to grow!


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    1. That is exactly it. You said it way better than I did. Being hurt is a part of living unfortunately. If I had never been hurt, I probably never would have written a word or looked at another blog. 🙂

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