Sweet Baby Desperado

Day 8 Nostalgic Music Month

James Taylor by Jon Hilton

Music punctuates moments in your life with meaning and allows you to resurrect those time when you hear a song after a week or after 30 years. Like a time warp, you are transported to that place, feeling those emotions. The music of James Taylor does this for me for sure. It takes me to a time when I was youthful, hopeful and hadn’t made a lot of mistakes in life. A time when possibilities were seemingly endless.

It was the 1980’s and I was out in the world for the first time, seeking my fortune. I first went to South Portland to go to school first, and that was the classroom I started to learn about “real life” in. When I completed two years there, I went on to the University of Maine at Farmington, for more life lessons.  The Music of James Taylor accompanied me on that journey.

  1. Carolina In My Mind– I don’t really want to go to Carolina I think, but the sentiment of the song reminds me of my life in Maine, and childhood in Greenville in particular.  I have always idealized the experience and the place. To me, it was the best location to grow up. It was safe, fun and full of great people and experiences.  I never wanted to leave, and I still visit that place and time if only in my mind. The signs that might be omens say I’m goin’, I’m goin’. I’m gone to Carolina in my mind
  2. Steamroller– James Taylor defined how I felt when I was 20. I was a steamroller, guaranteed to blow your mind. It seemed like there was nothing I couldn’t do or acquire if I set my mind to it. Life tends to take that out of you. But at the time, I was a steamroller baby and I’m gonna roll all over you. I still feel that way on occasion today.

  3. You’ve Got A Friend– Friendships have been a big part of my life, and during that period of life, living in South Portland, life would have been nowhere near as good or as interesting if not for the friends I had.  The troubles we faced were few, and we had a lot of fun learning how to navigate life.  Friendships in adulthood have not been the same. As deep or as reliable, so as the years go by I cherish those times and the friends that made them great!

  4. Sweet Baby James– Being a country boy from Maine, this has always been home but I still had a healthy wanderlust, and still do, to see the places I have never been. This song reminds of some of those travels I have had and those still to come.  With 10 miles behind me and 10,000 more to go.  I think that our lives are all a song we sing so that others of like mind and sentiment will understand. He sings out a song which is soft but is clear as if maybe someone could hear……..

  1. Something in the Way She Moves– When you are young and in love, you think that nothing could ever be like that again. It is the biggest, the best and most wonderful connection that can never be duplicated. Yet, these things tend to end, and leave you with memories and the realization that good times will come and other relationships will hit you just as hard in the future. BUT …It isn’t what she’s got to say, But how she thinks and where she’s been. To me, the words are nice, the way they sound I like to hear them best that way. It doesn’t much matter what they mean……….

Honorable mention- Mexico, Fire and Rain, Mockingbird, Never Die Young, Shower the People, How Sweet it Is, Your Smiling Face, Country Road

 Ten Lesson from the Eagles by Mike Martin

If I had to pick one friend to accompany me on a road trip, without a doubt (apologizes to my other friend) that friend would be Daryle Doustou.

I met Daryle at Ruby Tuesdays in Presque Isle, Maine. Daryle had moved to Maine to manage a sneaker store in the all-new Aroostook Centre Mall which opened on November 1, 1993.

Daryle has family roots in Fort Kent, Maine, and since no one else from the Midwestern athletic apparel company had ever heard of Maine than again Presque Isle, Maine, Daryle was given his first shot at store management.

He did a great job and was basically the de facto Mayor for the Aroostook Centre Mall-everybody knew Daryle.  Which is why Larry (can’t remember his last name right now) the bartender at Ruby Tuesdays was shocked that Daryle and I had never met.

I had moved to the area about the same time as Daryle, but I was in a relationship and spent most of my nights either at home or working on my dirt removal business. So, we never met until that day. We instantly became friends, each happy that we found someone else in the area that was both brave and stupid enough to enjoy life to the fullest.

With saying such as—“If you’re not living on the edge…..”, and “My name is……take me as I am or……” Daryle and I always have much fun and make the best of every situation.

I have many funny stories about the adventures that Daryle and I have shared which include getting arrested for doing laundry, watching Daryle try to ride a baby moose while traveling on the “Golden Road” and our “Planes, Trains and Automobile” moment when I jumbled in Daryle’s bed after learning about The Centennial Olympic Park bombing on July 27, 1996.

Me: “Do you have any close on?”

Daryle: “No”

ME: “AHRG—how about those Bears?”

A few months after I met Daryle.  We took a two-day road trip to Montréal, Canada to see the Eagles. The trip was memorable and we did not get arrested.

I have always loved listening to the Eagles for reasons that are difficult to put into words.

Jim Valvano the famous basketball coach who led the NC State Wolfpack to an impossible championship in 1983 said this in a famous speech while his body was riddled with cancer.

 “If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special.”

I guess the Eagles just help move me to something special. Thank you, Daryle Doustou for completely understanding my bullshit and for being one incredible friend.

Ten Lesson from the Eagles:

  1. You are never alone: Linda Ronstadt Desperado” Live
  1. Lying sucks: Eagles – Lyin’ Eyes
  2. You won’t be the new kid forever- Eagles / New kid in town (Live 1977) 
  3. Don’t get lost: The Eagles – Hotel California 
  4. Mornings are best: Tequila Sunrise – The Eagles
  5. Always do your best: Eagles – Best of My Love (Live at the Capital Centre,1977)
  6. All time is good time: The Eagles – Wasted Time (Live-2005)
  7. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself: Eagles – Take It To The Limit (Live at The Capital Centre 1977)
  8. There is no time for hate, judgment, and jealousy: Eagles – Get Over ItHell Freezes Over
  1. And, take it easy: The Eagles – Take It Easy (1977) Live 

If you have any questions, drop us a line and please partake in #OctoberNostalgicMusicMonth and while you are at it take a trip to Greenville, Maine-I understand the foliage is majestic this time of year! #visitGreenville

#OctoberNostalgicMusicMonth #visitGreenville

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