Round and Round In Your Eyes

Day 12 Nostalgic Music Month

Peter Gabriel by Jon Hilton

The college years in a person’s life are transitional as you move from the foolishness of youth into the “seriousness” of adulthood. You need to learn to balance the fun quotient of life with getting tasks completed.  The music of Peter Gabriel reminds me of my own struggles putting fun and work into proper perspective throughout my college years.

I was fortunate enough to attend two different institutions and earned a degree from both. However the lessons I learned in life there were far more valuable than any organized degree. Some of those lessons are here in the music of Peter Gabriel.

  1. Sledgehammer – During the summer of 1986, I worked security at SMVTI. We lived on campus in a dorm called Harborview.  There were 5 of us, 19-year-olds with no supervision. This song reminds me of the lessons learned that summer about time management and responsibility.  Sometimes when you want to have fun and meet young ladies, it is important to be a sledgehammer.  I’m going to be the sledgehammer
    This can be my testimony. I’m your sledgehammer. Let there be no doubt about it.
  2. Mercy Street– This song should be called Hobart Street because that is what I think of. An apartment we rented in South Portland, Maine the second year I went to school there. It is the place I watched the Red Sox blow the 1986 World Series and made a lot of youthful memories. We almost always had something happening. Friends visiting from neighboring colleges or from high school. One of the times in life when there was nothing but positive memories until the time it had to end and we all moved on with life. I often dream of that time and look for that type of happiness again, even though I know like all things, it has passed. Looking down on empty streets, all she can see. Are the dreams all made solid. Are the dreams all made real.

  3. Big Time– When you are young, you think you know everything. Or what you don’t know you can figure out when you need to. Life has not slapped you hard yet. I was sure that I had hit the big time back at that time. Living in the “big city” and getting my first car. It was a 1975 Ford Pinto. I paid $300 for and drove everywhere for a year. It was not pretty, it was not flashy, but it provided me with a freedom that I have enjoyed since. I have owned many other cars over the years but none put me in the big time like that ugly, pea green, potential explosive, Ford Pinto. Big time
    I’m on my way-I’m making it. Big time big time. I’ve got to make it show. yeah. Big time big time. So much larger than life. Big time. I’m going to watch it growing. Big time.

  4. Solsbury Hill– Friends are important throughout your life. When you are a young man trying to figure out how the big world works, friends are vital to the knowledge you gain and the lessons you learn. From how much you should drink, how to stand by those you care about in times of difficulty. This song reminds me of all of those brothers I grew up with in South Portland. All of us have had experiences after but I think the foundation of knowledge we learned on and around the campus of SMVTI has stuck with us. This song reminds me of this always. To keep in silence I resigned. My friends would think I was a nut. Turning water into wine. Open doors would soon be shut.

5. In Your Eyes– Anyone my age has the unstoppable urge to hold a boom box over your head whenever you hear this song. Seriously, right now I am listening to it and holding my computer over my head. This, of course, is the iconic scene of John Cusack in the movie Say Anything.  I think there were many times that “love” has ruled my life. As we get older, we seem to lose some of that passion of youth. The part of yourself that found love to be so vital to your existence.  Always remember the part of yourself that would do the romantic things to make your significant other feel special. I am not sure I want to hang out with anyone who wouldn’t hold a boom box for someone in 1986-87.  When I want to run away. I drive off in my car. But whichever way I go. I come back to the place you are.

HM- Don’t Give Up, Games without frontiers, Red Rain, Shock the Monkey, Digging in the Dirt

 Ratt by Mike Martin

I’ve seen Ratt twice both times in San Diego.  We have three rats- Mocha, Morticia and Cookie. I am not very fond of them.

Ratt is an American heavy metal band that had significant success and contributed heavily to the big glam pop metal movement of the 1980s.

I moved to San Diego in the late summer/early fall of 1985. After spending the coldest winter of my life at Great Lakes Naval Station in North

Great Lakes Naval Base

Chicago, IL, I was ready for some sunshine.

I was a little nervous walking aboard the USS Jouett CG-29 –affectionately known as the Jolly J buy its crew. But, those feelings faded face when I ran into a familiar face. Mike Shandik and I knew each other from Snipe school. The training you receive from the Navy to prepare you on how not to get caught sleeping on watch.

Mike landed on the Jolly J about 4 months before me. I was “push button” Snipe, so I got to hang out in Illinois and Wisconsin for an extra 4 months getting some extra Snipe training. I was happy to see him, and it didn’t take long to feel as though I was right at home.

In retrospect, it seems like several years between the day I was welcomed aboard the Jolly J and the New Year’s Eve that Mike and I (Dave Walsh weren’t you there?) saw Bon Jovi open for the Ratt, a San Diego Band, at the San Diego Sports Arena, but in reality it was less than 4 months.

We’ve had our rats- Mocha, Morticia and Cookie since Christmas 2016, and it seems like three weeks. Why is that?

Rats are considered the dogs of the rodent world. Shannon and the kids tell me they are warm, cuddly, loyal, and loving- not at all like their reputation or the rock band who shares their name.

Ratt came “Out of the Cellar” in 1984, followed that with “Invasion of Your Privacy” in 1985, and then “Dancing Undercover” in 1986. During this time, Ratt was very popular-selling out venues across the United States.

They are still touring and have had no less than 10 different members. They have broken up-reunited –broken up-reunited-broken up-reunited and are currently in a court battle –paying lawyers to decide who gets to use the “Ratt” brand.

Seems like Ratt Round And Round   Predicted their future.

Tightened our belts, abuse ourselves

Get in our way, we’ll put you on your shelf

Another day, some other way

We’re gonna go, but then we’ll see you again

Party-on folks, and if you have any questions, drop us a line and please partake in #OctoberNostalgicMusicMonth and while you are at it take a trip to Greenville, Maine-I understand the foliage is majestic this time of year! #visitGreenville

#OctoberNostalgicMusicMonth #visitGreenville

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