I Do Not Like Mean People

Why Mean People Are MeanI don't like Mean People

One of the things I like the least in life are mean people.  Mean people exist and thrive on crapping on the attitude, accomplishments,  interests or well being of someone else, with the sole purpose of making themselves feel more powerful or to increase their own self-esteem.  In a word these people are toxic and need to be avoided at all costs. They can leave you feeling worn out, tired, depleted and negative about everything but most importantly about yourself. It seems that they spend all day thinking about how to be mean to people.

Why I Don’t Like Black Friday

Why Black Friday Sucks

Black Friday Sucks
Yes it certainly does.

There are few things which clearly demonstrate the failure of our modern society more than Black Friday.  Traditionally this day after Thanksgiving has become the largest shopping day of the year.  I have nothing against shopping or the ability to businesses to make money, in fact I am all for capitalism and the right of individuals to run their businesses.  I believe that the problem is the ever increasing commercialization of Christmas and the inability of some people to put their family above saving a few dollars.

The Greed Factor

Clowns, They are Scary and Wrong

Jon Hilton Doesn't Like clowns
No matter what shape, size or design all clowns are creepy and scare me and I do not like them at all. They are all crying on the inside.

I have never liked clowns and I don’t apologize for it.  When I was a child I went to the circus and saw the clowns there and instantly knew to fear clowns.  I knew they were supposed to make you laugh, but there was just something about a person who would hide behind a mask of make up, doing silly things that made them inherently untrustworthy.  Being a clown is not something that anyone really aspires to become, in fact it is quite a derogotory comment to call someone a clown.  “Look at that clown over there by the doorway.”

Tomatoes Suck

Jon Hilton Doesn't Like Tomatoes
Tomatoes Suck!

As far back as I can remember I have really not liked tomatoes.  I just think it tastes bad and particularly the texture isn’t something I have ever liked.  No tomato in my sandwich I will have a BL with no T thank you very much.  But here is the problem.  I really like many tomato products, ketchup, tomato sauce, tomato paste, I can even eat tomatoes if they have been cooked.  But fresh tomatoes out of the garden, no thank you, you can keep them.