The Superman In All of Us

We All Are Superman

we are all superman
There is a Superman inside each of us

I have tried to write this as simply as possible, because it is so very easy to relate to a man of steel but why is this so? That is what I investigated and my findings were reassuring.

My fascination with super heroes has been lifelong, but I would never have admitted it, because I never wanted people to know what Clark Kent I really was. Hiding my inner geek to avoid being detected by society and then summarily destroyed.  From what I have read there is an easy connection from everyone’s preadolescent mind to the Superman folk tale, because in one way or another we have all lived it.

Even though we don’t have “super powers” or at least I don’t, there is an inner talent that we are all born with which is unique and totally ours.  This is something that may be

there is a clark kent in us too
We all have a Clark Kent in us too.

artistic and creative or really anything that is uniquely you.  Our lives tend to make us hide this, “true identity” from the world. The duplicitous nature that seems to exist in many people’s lives and allows us to relate to our super heroes from the time we are very young.  We all had to act “well behaved” in certain circumstances and not like our normal wild heathen selves.  Our Clark Kent personalities were for Sundays and special occasions. Our super hero side came out every other time of day.

An even deeper psychological connection exists, between all people and Superman, and that is because we all have Kryptonite.  Kryptonite represents Superman’s childhood, his beginning and it can destroy him. If anyone finds out about his origins than he may just be destroyed.  How many people have felt exactly the same way? Our own childhoods, good or bad tend to provide us with the same quandary. If people knew about them then they may not like us, or reject us and in effect destroy us.  Much like Superman and Kryptonite, we are all afraid of our past and that fear may ultimately lead to our destruction.

The idea of Superman, to most people is that even though he has a past, and just might be destroyed, he still takes on the danger to do what is right.  This, I believe is the part of the folk tale that we all hope we can adopt.  There are continuous opportunities daily to “Do the right thing”, even if it is not easy.  Knowing what is right and doing what is right is a problem that has perplexed man since there was first a significant thought. However despite all of this, there are still people who choose to take the high road, regardless of the cost to themselves.  These are the super heroes that do exist, and probably at one point in their very young lives, tied a blanket around their neck and jumped from the top of the couch, believing that they could fly.

fly like superman
If you have ever made your own cape, you believed in Superman

Some will tell you that Superman never existed, and the stories are just entertainment, others will hear this diagnosis, smile and never reveal the truth. Superman exists as much as you want him to, inside each and every one of us.

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20 thoughts on “The Superman In All of Us”

  1. I never saw kryptonite for what it is, our past. I definitely can relate, I feel like my whole life has been about trying to recover from childhood traumas and trying to hide where I come from because it’s so different than all of my friends childhoods, like the fact that I didn’t know about Barney or the itsy bitsy spider. Excellent post :-)

    1. Raimy-D.- I am going to tell you a secret that you probably already know. We are all trying to overcome our childhood traumas. Each is unique but everyone is trying to get back to themselves. I also don’t care if you knew who Barney or the itsy bitsy spider were? That is irrelevant to the person you have become. Since I think that person is about the most awesome person in the history of people, I am not going to criticize too harshly the path that made you that person. Think about how different your life would have been if you had never been placed in that situation? Where would you be? What would you think? Would you search like you do for your authentic self? I don’t know. My point is simple, I know your greatness, I see it in your writing and in your thought. If I know any super heroes then you, my friend, are definitely one. Thank you for commenting and reading and being yourself! :-)

      1. I’m very glad we were both at the same place at the same time and were able to meet. You’re the most inspiring and motivational person in the history of people :-) That’s why I enjoy visiting your blog, reading your inspiring and insightful words, and participating in the conversation. Thanks for blogging, please never stop :-)

  2. This really speaks to me. When I read The Hero’s Journey realized the reason the hero has a thousand faces is because we are all a hero. Each one of us.
    My kryptonite is my abusive marriage. Outside of my blog, I don’t talk about it. But I fight the injustices of it every day. I think I’ll make my own cape tonight and jump off the couch and relive that fun and innocence from childhood while I tell myself I am a hero.

    1. I think of you as a super hero Melanie, I see your struggles each day, as you fight for your kids and to reclaim your happiness. I admire your strength to keep on going when many would have thrown up their hands long ago. You have an obvious strength inside you, keep believing in your ability and the fact that you are right. I hope you do make a cape so you can throw it on and jump off of the couch. Whether you have a cape or not, I and many other people recognize you as the hero you are! :-)

      1. My movie isn’t over yet. Evil is still winning. In the end, good will win over evil, but I’m not there yet. It is my belief that good will win that keeps me fighting.

        1. Keep on doing what you know is right and that is all that you can do. It is heroic to keep on going. Lots of people follow your blog and support you. :-) Keep fighting the good fight Melanie.

    1. That is just one of the many reasons that you are the awesome person that you are! Thanks for commenting and reading Matt!

  3. Love that idea that we all have unique talents and powers hiding inside us. I wish Superman was able to overcome Kryptonite by realizing that he had everything he needed inside of himself. I think our kryptonite is our own fears that hold us back. You are right that those who pursue the right thing regardless of fears or criticism are the real superheroes. {{{hugs]}} Kozo

    1. Thanks Kozo, I am always grateful when I see your symbol on the comments. Great point about the kryptonite, I think you are right, our fears driven by our egoic mind will hold you back each and every time. I see the strength in so many other people every day that I know there is this power inside each and every person. Thanks for reading and contributing, it just goes to prove that you are the man!

    1. It is definitely there Michelle, I can see it in the posts that you make and the kind and thoughtful comments you always give! You are an inspiration and support to many others, including myself. Keep being super!!

    1. Thank you very much for reading and commenting. I have made my own capes in my time, and find that even now it might be a good thing to do in order to find strength and a more positive attitude. I am grateful for your visit and your comment. It is always great to meet new people and I encourage you to come back and comment as often as you like. :-) You have made my St. Patrick’s Day!

  4. I like the way you related Kryptonite to our pasts. Never realized how accurate that is.
    I believe! And I probably always will. I’m going to go jump off my couch now 😉

    1. I am sure that making capes out of blankets and beach towels is second nature to you. Besides you are super just the way you are! I personally prefer a nice big beach towel to get the proper cape feeling before I jump off the couch! :-) Hope things are going just wonderfully for you on this Monday morning.

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