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by Jon Hilton

The time after sunset and before dark, the Gloaming!

The time after sunset and before dark, the Gloaming!

There is a time between the light and dark of day where if you look closely all things appear to be possible. Many of the daily activities of life cause us to pause, and look for a meaning.

Did the light of day provide something that was worthwhile to contemplate? Or were the seeds planted that are going to flourish into the bountiful harvest of tomorrow?

These are the thoughts I have in the gloaming as the day resigns its light and accepts the inevitable completeness of night.

Morning Dawns

The morning light dancing on the water.

The morning light dancing on the water.

Just as the case with every life, each day provides an opportunity for making whatever we choose to make.  We are born at the dawn, and as the life unfolds for however long our day will last, we create, experience and love whatever we choose to.   The morning is ever hopeful, as light dances on the soft water, so do our dreams and hopes move.  we see few limits and move confidently through this time.

Sometimes there are clouds or at least cloudy experiences that darken the sky. Many are just temporary, passing from the sun and memory as quickly as the wind can wisp them away. Others stay with us like a part of our being throughout our day, an almost permanent black cloud. The morning, by and large, is a great time of innocence and possibilities. Sometimes it is the greatest part of the day.

Afternoon Of Realization

Afternoon activity can define your day.

Afternoon activity can define your day.

Morning will only last so long and it is followed by the mid day and the afternoon. It is during this time that much is accomplished. You have the energy and knowledge you have built up through the beginning of your day and now here you are putting things you learned into practice.  Moving with the experience of the day we march confidently from task to task, applying the same knowing purpose to both professional and personal experiences.

It is only as the shadows of the afternoon get long that we start to see that we might not have known so much after all. Some of our best laid plans made earlier in the day, showing so much promise, have crumbled around our heads and threaten to destroy us.  It is like an illusion has existed and was suddenly wiped away leaving something strange in its place. The truth.  These shadows of afternoon are disheartening and intimidating and either you will recognize them as mere shadows of fear, and move forward with your plans. Or you are going to hide from them with your head in the sand, remembering the good safe times of morning and dreaming of returning to safety.  It is not possible, but the mind is full of illusions.

The Evening

The lengthening shadows of evening.

The lengthening shadows of evening.

As we move through the evening, there is no longer any fooling ourselves, the day is going to end eventually. It doesn’t matter what you do, where you go, or how you act, the day is going to end, permanently.  It is a time for reflection and understanding, and to pass along all the valuable lessons that the day has taught you.

Some are fearful that their behavior is going to come back to haunt them in the darkness that is coming. Others are resigned to the inevitability of the end of day and their part in it.  It is best not to fear the memory of the day, because whatever has transpired is still, in its own way, fantastic and magical.

There will be no other like it ever again and your part in the activities, no matter how minuscule and small you may think them have been as vital to the flowing of events as each drop of water melted from snow, make the rushing river possible, and allow them to weave their way over land and create the mighty ocean. Your part is significant and the reality of all things would be different if you didn’t play your part in the day.

The Gloaming Comes

The day will end, there is no escaping it. All we can do is enjoy the light we have.

The day will end, there is no escaping it. All we can do is enjoy the light we have.

As you move from the end of day to the blanket of darkness of night, that is the final moment of reflection and appreciation.  It is a seemingly magical moment in time where there is a glimmer of what the day has wrought. Memories of the people and events that colored your life dance together both thrilling and haunting you. As you look into the sky, you see a record of events, but not written in stone. That is the magic of the gloaming I think, that the events you remember are only shadows of reality and may be playing out differently in some other dimension or time.

Do not fear the gloaming of the day because it is merely a mirror image of your own creation.  Let the night come, it is not an ending.  It is only a start of a different time of perceived darkness. As we know though, the night is not really dark, there is starlight and moonlight. It is like a shadow day, but nothing to be feared. The gloaming of the day is merely the doorway into another world. An inevitable journey that we all are going to take at the end of our day.

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