Rules For Life

Ten-Rules-Of-Life1The following writing contains my current Rules For Life, over the years I have tried to write down guidelines that I have found helpful in finding a balance in life and hopefully becoming a productive, happy person.  They are not absolute, but I find that when I focus on them each day it is easy to identify the good that is happening.

If you don’t Stand For Something,

You Will Fall For Anything

Rules for Life #1

 Be On Time  – It doesn’t take intelligence or skill or talent to be where you say you’re going to be when you say you’re going to be there. Anyone can do it and if something is important to you, you will be on time.

Rules for Life #2

 Be Honest-How much is your integrity worth?  What can you gain by being dishonest that you can truly enjoy?  If your word is worth nothing then neither are you.

Rules For Life #3

Treat Others As They Want To Be Treated – Platinum Rule. Not only how you would like to be treated but as they would like to be treated. A person may have a very different opinion of personal space, sense of humor, etc.  Allow all people to be themselves and be accepted in your presence. 

Rules for Life #4

Never Let What Others Think, Stop You from Doing Anything.  If you are outside of your comfort zone you are probably growing.  And growth is preferable to the alternative.

Rules for Life #5

Enjoy The “Little Things” In life Every day-  at least once a day you have to enjoy something fully and completely, a meal, a conversation, holding a hand, the beauty around you.

Rules for Life #6

Always Strive for Balance In Life between Work, Play, Love, Spiritual, Mental, and Physical.  Too much of anything is not good for your development as a human being.

Rules for Life #7

Accept People The Way They Are.  Most times they are doing the best that they can.

Rules for Life #8

Avoid Gossip, it is the food of small minds. If you aren’t speaking to someone, don’t speak negatively about them. 

Rules for Life #9

Hate No one- it’s a waste of time and only weakens your character.  If you send out hate you will receive hate back, if you send out thoughts of love you will receive love back.  All people are doing the best they can with what they have.  Avoid hate. 

Rules for Life #10

Don’t Dwell On The Past, Move Forward.  Carry the lessons of the past, but never dwell too long on the things you lost or found in the past, or you will miss the opportunities today is providing. The only moment that really matters is now.

Rules for Life #11

***  Never Take anything anyone else does personally.  If you do you will find it impossible to function appropriately in the world. Each person is going through their own life and that affects how they behave toward you. It has everything to do with them and little to do with you. 

Rules for Life #12

 Be Thankful for what you do have.  You always have at least one thing to be thankful for.  Being grateful is the key to connecting with the positive forces in the universe. 

Rules for Life #12

 Avoid The Wrong Kind Of People-  In my experience there are only two kinds of people, those who make you better and those that make you worse.  If the interactions with an individual result in doing things which are ultimately bad for you or make you unhappy, then find other people to spend time with.  If your interactions with a person result in you doing things which are ultimately good for you and make you happy, then seek them out.  No man is your friend, no man is your enemy, all men are your teachers.

Rules for Life #13

Look For The Positive In Any Situation.  Often times even the worse events in one’s life can lead to unforeseen good fortune that would never have happened if not for that unfortunate event.

I hope your rules for life are bringing you happiness and contentment in your experience. It was about 2011 or 12 that I first wrote these down and they are still pretty true today. Create positive rules for life and live a happy and quality filled life.

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    1. I hope they do you some good Lori! They have never steered me wrong at all. Thank you for the comment, I love to hear from people.

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