Avoiding the Negative Media

Avoiding the Negative Media

news boycott
Stop watching the “News”, they lie.

It was about four years ago that I had simply had enough. No matter what was happening in the world it seemed the media had to spend its time spreading fear, unhappiness or promoting programs on their network of stations that even further spread fear and unhappiness.  Enough was enough and I tentatively started my own personal news boycott to avoid the negative media and their effects on me.

The news boycott is for all national news shows no matter what time they are on because they are negative media. It doesn’t matter because the news cycle is all the same. A tragedy of some kind, milk it as long as you can. Gossip is close enough to news.  Skipping this daily barrage of negativity you would think that I would not be able to keep up with current events or news, but that has not been the case. With Facebook, Twitter and the radio, not a major news event has gone by without me knowing almost immediately. What I got to miss was all of the wallowings in anger, gossip, ridicule and fear mongering  that the national negative media pours onto every national “news story”.

A great example would be the theater shootings that took place in 2012, I heard about it, thought it was awful, felt sympathy for the victims and understood that this guy (the shooter) was obviously disturbed. “Normal” people don’t do things like that.

What I didn’t do is wallow in it. The national negative media tried to dissect the life of the perpetrator and try to understand why he would do such a thing. Talking to everyone from classmates at his school and kids he went to high school with.  I only know this by what others have told me, so I can’t report any first-hand knowledge of these interviews. I know that my life has been much more positive without that negative media machine spouting their “news”.

Pay Attention to the Postive ignore the Negative Media

Every day there are positive stories of people doing good deeds and helping others live their lives in a more positive way. However, these stories do not even gain a mention in the vicious  negative news cycle.  There are in fact many more good people than bad in the world, there are more good things happening than bad.  There is just no money in reporting that things are great and wonderful.  Only partial blame belongs with the media because they are just providing what the market will tune in to see.  A celebrity dies, nude pictures of celebrities, the public figure takes a fall, murder, terrorism are all topics that draw you in and you watch incessantly.  So until we all stop watching there is not going to be any significant change.

Never Been More Sure of News Boycott

In this election season, I have never been surer that my news

fear based negative ad
A great example of promoting fear. Every sentence is designed to make you afraid. This is a democracy, one person can’t ban birth control, eliminate women’s choice, or end funding for planned parenthood, scare tactics.

boycott has become permanent, as the silly election season moves into high gear. There is an inundation of false, negative, idiotic campaign ads that do little to inform, but much to scare or frighten. We can sum them up into two categories.   One is that the Republicans who will ruin our country if they are elected president.  On the other side are the Democrats who will ruin the country if they are  elected. The negative media wins either way.

The ads are designed to make supporters mad at the opposition and to experience fear about the outcome of the presidential election.  Personally, I think that both options are just two different sides of the same coin and we will experience party politics and business as usual no matter who wins.  However if you look at the ads, observed in a vacuum they are quite humorous.  Republicans hate Democrats and each other, Democrats hate Republicans but not each other, we are all stuck in the third grade listening to the negative media.

republican negative ad
So the country is going to cease to exist? Nice fear tactic. Unrealistic, sarcastic and funny. Still not true and fear based.

The national news shows, I am sure are pontificating on the positives of their candidate, and spewing the fear about the opponent.  Count the number of negative sentences used in an ad, that are designed to instill fear or fear-based thinking, it will surprise you.  Not me because the media has shown that fear sells, sensation sells, and good deeds don’t make good copy.  Practice your own news boycott and you will feel a lot better about the world and put a dent in ending the negative media.


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  1. Nice to hear someone has the same opinion as me on this. I’ve never read papers or watched the news because all it does is bring misery, it’s completely pointless. Not to mention I am not particularly keen on people dying, but it’s not my job to grieve when someone in Sweden has died! I really just don’t want to know about it unless it’s important.

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