Love Stinks

When you fall in love, you sometimes don’t have control over your senses. You are prone to do unpredictable things and might be susceptible

Love Stinks
So Does the Music

to influences, you would never otherwise fall prey to.  Music can creep into your life, let me rephrase that, bad music can creep into your life at that point and leave an indelible mark on your memory.  One that will never truly go away no matter what you do.   I heard a song on the radio today, which brought this horrible phenomenon clearly into my thought, Billy Ocean singing his mid-eighties hit, “Suddenly”, and I realized that not only did I know every word, but I was getting a little emotional thinking about it.  Weird I thought, to hear music from so long ago,  I’m clearly being haunted by Billy Ocean.  Something clearly needed to be done. The video of the song Payphone below sums up my thoughts on love songs.

I decided to be proactive, which led to this post.  I am exorcising the demons of all of the silly, stupid, bad and downright awful songs that have been tied to my memory by “love”.  I thought this would be short but………….

First, the aforementioned Suddenly by Billy Ocean, don’t worry if you watch this, the lyrics are included so that you can sing along as you listen to this song.  I, unfortunately, don’t need that kind of help.

Next up is a song called Cherish, by Kool and the Gang.  Very similar sound to Billy Ocean, I must have had it bad to actually have liked listening to this stuff back then.  But here it is number two of the songs I need to forget.  I often wonder, “what do the heart do?”  Then I realize I will never understand and listen to Kool and the Gang.


The following is so embarrassing I almost left it off the countdown but if I am honest it has to be in there.  Bonnie Tyler, Total Eclipse of the Heart.  I often wondered why nobody would ever turn around?  Oh, I know because every now and then I fall apart.  I hadn’t heard this song in years, but maybe it is good to listen to…………every now and then.


The next two go together because they came from the same movie, “Dirty Dancing”, yes I saw it, and it has emotional connections to several loves of the past.  Time to put them all in the rear view mirror.  First is “Time of My Life”, this video has been viewed 106,208,763 times.  Make that 106,208,764 after you watch it!  Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes thank you, I sympathize.


The other Dirty Dancing song is by the late, great Patrick Swayze himself.  She’s Like the Wind.   I am not sure what being like the wind has to do with love, but it must have had something to do with it.  Besides, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”


As scary as these are, I could go on for at least ten more entries,  I won’t but I would love to hear what songs haunt other people.

It just goes to show that love stinks and so does the music!

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  1. these songs are all classics as most of them can be heard in by plugging into any soft rock or modern, contemporary radio station.. I’m sorry that they haunt you-my recommendation is to embrace them, listen to them, remember them, and most of all, learn from them. Good luck my friend. Love stinks but these songs rock

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