Crazy Circles

Mind Connections
That’s right it’s me!!

There are few things that I have done in life which were both restrictive and freeing all at once.  Writing is one of them.  After a short hiatus and much soul searching, I have found that returning to this genre is the right thing for me to do personally.

Anyone who writes their thoughts and publishes them has the hope that there will be a connection made somewhere, that someone will “get It” and understand the emotion that you were feeling and the thoughts that they provoked.  Sometimes words are like an electricity that I can’t stop from flowing and through this medium, my electrical flow has been touched by so many others.

Now as I rededicate and rename this blog, it has become Mind Connections.  That idea is to express in an appropriate way the literary phase entanglement that I feel reading so many great blogs by people I don’t know, personally, but I do know them through their contributions to the world in writing.

There are going to be projects and this has also been the creative start of the creation of my first book, which has been started and will be completed in January at some point. This will be the first, of three I am planning in the new year.

So thank you for stopping by and reading what I have created. As always I have a world of appreciation for you and all that you do! I am your biggest fan and don’t you doubt it for a second.

My message will always be that you are important, we are all connected and how you think in every moment matters to the reality that you experience.

7 thoughts on “Crazy Circles”

    1. Daphne I appreciate it so much. Me too, it is exactly that kind of connection that made me go with this title. The blogging world is so full of great people who I have come to learn from each and every day. Of course you are one of my favorites. 🙂 keep up the great writing my friend!!

    1. Thank you Michelle, it was time for something new. The mind connection is a phenomenon that comes with blogging I think. That you understand people you have never met in person. Sometimes better than people that you know!! Thank you for taking the time to comment and keep on being wonderful. 🙂

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