Build Your Adventure Pack

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

Why We Need Adventure Packs

My adventure Pack
My Adventure Pack

In a conversation with a friend, they mentioned that they always kept a pack of items in their vehicle, just in case there was a cause to go on an adventure that day.  It got me to thinking that each of us should create our own “Adventure Packs” for whatever each day might bring us.  There are many things that you could do every day to make your life more of an experience if you wanted to.  I figured that why not set the tone and expect something adventurous by carrying an adventure pack, just in case.  Think of all of the adventures you might be missing out on just by not having one. The pack doesn’t have to be fancy or anything, it can just be a bag with a few of the necessities an adventurer might need.   I think there are many different experiences that can qualify as adventures, here is a short list of adventures you might have.

Physical Adventures Are Good For You And Fun

physical adventure with an adventure pack
My pack is always ready.

These are the most prevalent kind of adventures, I think, the ones that take you somewhere, on a hike, or a walk, or around the bend to see what is there.  In your daily activities, you might see a road that you wanted to walk down, or even a park you wanted to visit, to see what was there.  What is stopping you? If you have an adventure pack with a bottle of water, sun screen, a light jacket, then you will be ready for this type of excursion.  The benefits of these types of activities are improved health which is good for your heart, your mind and your soul.  The difference between a thought and an experience is action, so don’t be afraid to take that action step. Make sure you keep a snack in your adventure pack so that you will always have the energy to carry out the adventure in front of you.

Social Adventures Good For Your Mind

adventure pack for fun
Adventure packs are light weight and make you smile

These are the ones that involve getting together with someone in a social situation, going for coffee or breakfast just for the sake of socialization.  Your adventure pack doesn’t even need to have much in it to carry on this type of excitement.  If you have a strong desire to connect then you really don’t need to do anything other than a little money to pay for whatever you eat.  Most often when you visit with old friends you will have revelations and memories about yourself and them that you had forgotten a long time ago. Life is a can be a long road and it is a much happier experience when you travel it with friends. So always keep a little extra cash in your adventure pack, just in case the opportunity to connect comes up.

Simple Things which are Great

There are a bunch of simple adventures that you can experience with just a little bit of energy and imagination.  On any clear night, you have access to one of the grandest adventures on earth, the night sky.  When you make the effort to get where the lights of civilization are not a factor you can view the stars and any time you do this, you can’t help but be swept up in the power and wonder of the vastness of space.  Each star billions of miles away has a story, and you are just a very small and insignificant spec to whatever story is happening there.  You can also have the same kind of adventures at any natural wonder, a river, a lake or the ocean.  You will have to travel with your adventure pack to get to these locations most likely, but keep a map in your adventure pack and you will never get lost on your journey.

Doing Something for Others

adventure pack for visiting
My pack usually has enough to share, if not we’ll make due.

Having an adventure pack handy should allow you the freedom to help someone else.  There are many people who don’t really need anything other than a visit and a kind word.  This adventure is very low-cost and will never be out of demand.  If you don’t know who needs this type of adventure from you, look around.  There are hospitals and nursing homes with people in them who would like nothing more than a friend to talk to and share their stories with.  This is why it is always important to keep a handy list of topics with you at all times.  Remember that any commonality is a conversation in and of itself.  A sport, a team, a performance or anything that you can relate to in any way can create a conversation that will pick up someone’s day.  This type of adventure is doubly good because it is good for the person you visit and it is good for you.

In the end, there is no shortage of ways that you can enjoy life more than you do right now.  If you are already filling your life with adventures, then perhaps it is time to add new people to them.  The more the merrier is a great theme to follow as you move through life.  It is true that the more people you share your life with, the richer you will feel.   So create your own adventure pack and hit the streets, life is nothing more than an adventure waiting to happen.

3 thoughts on “Build Your Adventure Pack”

  1. I love this! Adventure packs are the greatest! I have a very similar one. Mine is a pink Nike. But it’s the same swing pack type. It’s light and easy to carry around. Although mine does not say “Adventure Pack” on it, it should!! I miss using my adventure pack. Planning adventures should be next on my list of things to do!! I actually have two. I have one in a reusable Hannaford bag in the back of my SUV and my adventure pack that I tote around with me on adventures. My car is never too far, so it’s still useful to have a back up emergency kit on hand! Especially things for my car like flares, reflective signs, jumper cables, etc. This makes me really want to adventure!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ha, ha I owe you for this idea, it was a good one, and I made the sign myself, pretty cool isn’t it? I really think that you should go on an adventure as soon as possible. You need an emergency kit? Are you accident prone? Thank you for the idea, I think everyone should have one. If they need to know how to make one they can contact me and I will help them!!

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