clockby Jonathan Hilton

You might not know it by just looking but at this very moment there are at least a thousand things going on inside my head.  Some of my thoughts are great and some are just, well, thoughts.  They are not all winners but they are all mine, here in no particular order of importance are thoughts that I had today.

Starting the Day

At this very moment I am thinking of the quiet that starts each good morningand every day. It is a space between sleeping and the hurry of the day.  This is the point where a day holds its ultimate potential and I haven’t made one mistake.  Whatever was bothering you the day before, even if it seemed insurmountable has disappeared and been replaced by a small manageable little problem, that I know I can dispense with as easily as a breakfast sandwich on the way to work.

The Little Things

enjoythelittlethingsI am thinking at this very moment about the little things in life. Often times life is not about the big things. The big things will come along and for the most part are scheduled. You can plan and prepare for them.  The big occasions are captured on film and saved in photo albums to relive when the mood hits you.  That can’t fill all of your days, but the little things certainly can.

Do you savor the taste of the food that you are eating, or do you eat out of habit. Are you grateful for each thing that you have or are they all just piled into a group of stuff that you deserve? I believe that the more you appreciate the little things in life, a friend, a talk, a walk, a tree, some flowers, a comfortable seat, a good book, a hot shower, a cup of coffee, or anything else that you experience throughout the day, the happier you will be.

The Music in My Head

MusicAt this moment I am thinking about the music that I like right now and how music makes life much more bearable.  It doesn’t matter to me what genre a song hails from.  A song enters my life, either makes an impression and stays or moves on.  Most often I hear a song and if I like it I add it to a playlist that will forever represent this moment in time to me.  In the days of burned cd’s I would give them names and write notes on them. Now I just write the notes in my head.

Recently I was exposed to this song and I laugh every time I listen to it.  Be careful if you listen because it will get stuck in your head.  This song is another song that I heard on a blog and have really started to like.  Music is the language of the soul, and listening to it adds a spice to life.

 No Need To Hurry

At this moment I am contemplating the fact that the faster you try to go, often times the longer it takes to reach your destination.  The other day I was trying to force finishing an  assignment, no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to get out of my own way. The next day I focused and relaxed and that same job that was so difficult the day before just flowed out of my brain and onto the computer screen.  It is true in many other aspects of life, hurry to get there, find the answer, get it done quick and you often miss the point of what you are doing.  Much like a car moving too fast to catch your exit.  Slow down, be mindful of what you are trying to accomplish and enjoy the ride.   It is often the journey that you remember even more than the destination.  Relax and enjoy the ride.

You are Right Where You Should be

urlFinally at this moment I have been contemplating the peace that comes from knowing that you are exactly where you should be. There are many times when I get caught up in worrying about something that I really have no control over.  I have a desire to be successful, but no real definition to let me know when I get there.  Then it hits me.  I am right where I should be, all the events in your life have worked together in concert to bring you to this point and you should enjoy the moment.  Then I pause for just a second, feel a sense of appreciation and then move forward with a feeling of happiness and peace. I am grateful for all of the people I have known, the hurdles I have overcome, the wisdom I have gained from all of the lessons I have learned, both easy and hard.

At this very moment I am right where I should be you can’t do much better than that!