At this Very Moment

A person may not be able to see it, but at this very moment, there are at least a thousand thoughts running around inside our heads.  Some thoughts are great and some are just, well, thoughts.  They are not all deep and meaningful but they are all ours, here in no particular order of importance are thoughts that you might have  this day.

Starting the Day

Be mindful of the opportunity today brings

At this very moment, you might be thinking, of the quiet that starts each and every day. It is a space between sleeping and the hurry of the day.  This is the point where a day holds its ultimate potential and nobody has made one mistake.  Whatever was bothering you the day before, even if it seemed insurmountable has disappeared and been replaced by a small manageable little problem, that you know can be dispensed with as easily as a breakfast sandwich at the start of a day.  There is a possibility in this moment that all things can change for the better.

The Little Things

enjoythelittlethingsYou might be thinking, at this very moment about the little things in life. Often life is not about the big things. The big things will come along and for the most part, are scheduled. You can plan and prepare for them.  The big occasions provide captured images and are saved in photo albums to relive when the mood hits you.  The little things are the constant minutia of activity that fills your lives. Daily happenings and encounters that color the flavor of life. Do you take the time to enjoy them?

Do you savor the taste of the food that you are eating, or do you eat out of habit? Are you grateful for each thing that you have or are they all just piled into a group of stuff labeled “things that you deserve”? I believe that the more you appreciate the little things in life, a friend, a talk, a walk, a tree, some flowers, a comfortable seat, a good book, a hot shower, a cup of coffee, or anything else that you experience throughout the day, the happier you will be. Be mindful of each thing you do and it will have a magic to it that contributes to your day.

The Music in My Head

MusicAt this moment you might be thinking about the music that you like right now and how music makes life much more enjoyable, it touches your soul.  It doesn’t matter to me what genre a song hails from.  A song enters your life, either makes an impression and stays or moves on.  Most often I hear a song and if I like it I add it to a playlist that will forever represent this moment in time to me.  In the days of burned cd’s, I would give them names and write notes on them. Now I just write the notes in my head and enjoy the music.

One of my favorite songs of my recent experience.  Be careful if you listen because it will get stuck in your head.  This one of my all time favorites thought provoking songs. Even though I hate winter I love it when it is over.   Music is the language of the soul, and listening to it adds a magic to life. What music is coloring your life today?

 No Need To Hurry

At this moment you might be contemplating the fact that the faster you try to go, often times the longer it takes to reach your destination.  The other day I was trying to force finishing an assignment, no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to get out of my own way. The next day I focused and relaxed and that same job that was so difficult the day before just flowed out of my consciousness and onto the workflow.   It is true in many other aspects of life, hurry to get there, find the answer, get it done quick and you often have difficulty in finishing the task.  Much like a car moving too fast to catch your exit.  Slow down, be mindful of what you are trying to accomplish and enjoy the ride.   It is often the journey that you remember even more than the destination.  Relax and enjoy the ride.

You are Right Where You Should be

urlFinally, at this moment you may be contemplating the peace that comes from knowing that you are exactly where you should be. There are many times when we all get caught up in worrying about something that we really have no control over.  We have a desire to be successful, but no real definition to let us know when we get there.  Then it hits you.  “I am right where I should be”, all the events in your life have worked together in concert to bring you to this point and you should enjoy the moment.  Then pause for just a second, feel a sense of appreciation and then move forward with a feeling of happiness and peace. Be grateful for all of the people you have known, the hurdles you have overcome, the wisdom you have gained from all of the lessons you have learned, both easy and hard.

At this very moment, you are right where you should be you can’t do any better than that!

22 thoughts on “At this Very Moment”

  1. I think you are completely right about being right where you should be. Even if it doesn’t make sense or feel right at the time, something will happen that you will make you think “I really AM where I’m supposed to be”. It’s a curse and a blessing to be human. Always rushing life trying to get to the next exciting point that sometimes we don’t realize that most of the fun is getting there, not actually being there.

  2. Right where I should be I am, with a cup of coffee and a blueberry bagel reading your great thoughts. I really liked the concept of a music playlist as a way to capture time, much like a photograph would. I take it you’re more of an auditory kind of person, taking in the world one sound at a time. This gives me a good idea, because I’m more visual sometimes I forget to just listen but from now on I will consciously listen to my environment to see what I pick up. Cool post, thanks!

    1. Thank you Raimy for commenting and reading. I think that sometimes I am auditory because I can easily associate a song with an experience. I have been doing that all of my life. I wrote awhile ago about what a nerd I was growing up. I used to write the lyrics to songs down in a notebook. (I was always a notebook guy I guess) so I would know the words to every song I liked. This was way before the days of the internet so you had to record the song off the radio. Onto a cassette tape, check Wikipedia if you need to see what one looks like, and then write it down line by line, pausing the tape about four million times. Then I would still not get all of the words right. Yes I was a nerd and nobody knew it. I appreciate your comment and I hope you enjoy your blueberry bagel. I am having some coffee right now myself. I appreciate your contributions.
      One more quick note, I always write quickly and more efficiently right after reading your blog for some reason. I guess that means I should read your blog more often.

      1. haha Oh I remember cassette tapes, see I was born in Cuba and we were a little bit technologically impaired. I got the best of both worlds, the 3rd world country experience and the lavish American experience. and Yes by all means read more often, I’ll be doing the same just bouncing off ideas back and forth.

        1. Absolutely! I didn’t know you were from Cuba. That is awesome. You did have the best of both worlds. Lucky lady. You are welcome to visit, comment, think I love your contributions. As I will say a thousand times. You are so lucky to be so aware at such a young age. I was an idiot when I was younger. Never even considered the things I think about now. Thanks Raimy, I have a lot of respect for you because you know what a cassette tape actually is!!

  3. I loved this entry. I am one that my brain never shuts up, this is partly why I have so much problem sleeping. I have so many things going on in my brain at one time sometimes it is hard to organize them and separate them out to make sense of them. I described it once as a hurricane in my mind. It even makes it difficult to mediate sometimes. I have started learning some focusing exercises in order to slow my brain down a bit and start getting a “leash” on the hurricane so I don’t drive myself a bit nutty when that “overwhelming” feeling comes over me.

    Very well written, great points made through out the post, and thanks for sharing


    1. Thank you for commenting. I have also been afflicted with the hurricane in my mind, so I understand what you are saying there. Meditation has helped me a lot. I encourage you to keep trying and let the silence comes. If I meditate for 15 minutes I am lucky to get 2 of calm thoughtless existance, but it does get better. I am relatively new to practicing so I try and learn every day. I also know that overwhelming feeling, it is not good, but I have gotten better at dealing with it, and I know that you can too. Thank you again for reading and responding to my post! Is this weekend your show? I wish you all the best of luck with that! Your talent deserves to be recognized.

      1. Yes Friday is my show, it is a joint show with other local artist. My studio is in the same building and it will be open for visitors to enter too and my finished art, as well art in progress will be on display. I will try and find time to take some pictures to post on my blog and/or FB later that evening or Sat morning.

        I also have two 16×20 pieces being auctioned off for charity Saturday.

  4. Great post!

    Being able to be at peace with living in the moment and that you are where you should be is amazing! My mind runs all over the place and I worry all the time but sometimes, all it takes is to stop and remember that everything happens for a reason and it all happens to get you to where you are now in that mindset that you are now. That usually calms me down. Its like giving myself a little break and not stressing over the things I can’t really control. Things have a way of resolving themselves as they get closer anyways, so why worry so much right? All we need to do is be happy with where we are and enjoy those little moments 😉

    Always enlightening me Jonathan! Love reading your posts 🙂

    1. Thank you Kim. I know the life of a spy is very stressful. I am glad that you had time to read and comment on today’s post. You strike me as a level headed person who does enjoy the little things in life. Gardens, cooking, romantic comedies, etc. You are an inspiration to many, work at a stressful job and still find time to post things daily. Amazing. 🙂

      1. You know, I try…life hasn’t really dished me the best of cards and one of the worst years I’ve had was in 2010. After you hit rock bottom emotionally and physically, there really is nowhere to go but up. Sometimes, its just taking the worst situations and finding something good out of it.

        I don’t dive into my personal issues often, maybe once or twice in the last few months but surely, eventually this stress will pile out.

        I may be busy but I still know that having a balanced life means being able to let go of say work and do things I enjoy and one of them is reading (and writing) blogs. Everyone, like yourself, has just so much wonderful, beautiful, enlightening things to talk about.

        1. The cards we are dealt. That is a post subject right there. I have been to this rock bottom that you speak of it is not a nice place. Sometimes change will never come unless there is no other option. Also there are a million examples of greatness that resulted from feeling pain, disappointment or whatever. Personally, I care that you had a bad 2010, I am glad you came through it, but I also appreciate who your are, which is obviously the number one cookie making, movie reviewing, garden visiting, spy in Canada. That is pretty good!

          1. Aww..thats so nice of you! I am definitely not number one..I try though 😉
            But its the rock bottom and everything else thats happen that has made me tough. Not much can break me anymore and it gives me a stronger mind 🙂 The ones who get life easy don’t really appreciate life as much as us damaged goods do 😉

  5. Everything happens for a reason… Sometimes that is easier to beleive than others.

    Great post.

    At the moment I’m thinking about: neeeeeeeeed coffeeeeeeeee, oh, and about a million other things.

  6. Love this, Jonathan. You filtered out all the useless thoughts and focused on the relevant ones. I love
    My favorite part of your post is at the end. We are where we should be. I am reading your inspirational words and I am grateful. ” I am right where I should be, all the events in your life have worked together in concert to bring you to this point and you should enjoy the moment.” Thanks for the reminder. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    1. Thanks Kozo, Good to know you checked the Link, that song is so catchy. I love it. I almost wiped out the rest of the post and just posted the last part. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. It always makes my day, my friend.

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