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My Kindle

Once my life was simple, books were something I had to search for and then place on a dusty shelf when I was done with it.  Maybe someday I would venture back into that story again, but most of the time, I didn’t.  Getting new books to read was also hard, book stores are a shrinking business and the cost of books is shooting up all the time.  These factors finally drove me to purchase my Kindle.   It was the best thing I have bought since my first big screen TV.The New Kindle

I was nervous as I took it out of the box.  I mean, couldn’t anybody know what I was reading.  Then it dawned on me, that nobody was going to freak out if I was reading the latest book I found by William George Jordan.   So I plugged the new Kindle in and it was all charged up and ready to go, I hooked up to wifi and started to look for some Kindle PDFs to read.   I looked for free books first, and I have found that there are many free books for your kindle readers out there.  First just do a Google search and you will get sites that offer nothing but free books.  They are mostly PDFs and the only problem with them i  s that they can be difficult to read.   Amazon has a bunch of free books, but you have to really search to find them.  Even when you find free books available, most of the time they will cost at least ninety nine cents.   That’s Amazon for you, they provide this awesome service but want to suck as much money out of you as they can.   If you really search and are persistent you can find free books on Amazon.

Three Choices of Kindle

You currently have three choices for your kindle enjoyment. First is the most expensive model,

The Kindle 3 Wi-Fi Reader is the top of the line reader.  You don’t need to have a Wi-FI connection to manage your content with this sharp little baby.  It uses its built in 3G capability to communicate with the Amazon mother ship and get your latest reading delights to you.  It costs about $189, but with the freedom you get from Wi Fi it is probably worth it.

I like the Kindle Fire

This is Amazon’a contribution to the tablet market.  In the short time the Kindle Fire has been on the market, the response has been outstanding.  Not only can you read all of your books you can also browse the internet and use popular android apps like Hulu, Pandora and/or Netflix. You can even play Angry Birds on the Kindle Fire.  The am$200.azing color touchscreen will allow you to play movies, look at magazines or what ever you want on the life like 7″ screen that will provide the best entertainment value available in a tablet, all for less than

Visit to see if the Kindle wifi or 3G  will sufficiently fill all of your electronic reader needs, wants and desires.  The ability to learn great new things is the best thing about electronic reading.
The price of this Kindle is going down every day so you will not have to worry about it costing you a bundle to enjoy your favorite books.  You will also find that the great Kindle support team that I mentioned above will be right behind you all the way!  You will be reading great stories and learning new things without any worries at all!
The Kindle 3  reader is a great reader that is even bigger and easier to read than the regular Kindle, if that is possible.  It runs off wifi which makes it awesome for me at home to get all of my favorite books easily.
3G WiFi Reader


Kindle With Special Offers , It has ads on it!  No Effect on Reading Experience.

Kindle with Special OffersBy far the cheapest option for a Kindle is to get one that is supported by ads.  The Kindle people upload paid ads that appear as screen savers, rather than the customary artists or authors they usually show.    The Great thing for me is that they only come on the screen when your Kindle is in the sleep mode, and they don’t change the experience of reading in any way.  I encourage anyone to explore this option because it is less expensive and really doesn’t change the reading experience in the least.

An Ad Supported Kindle is a great decision, lessening your cost  on the device and allowing you to spend more on the content that you read!  Win-Win.  The more you read, the more you’ll know and the more you know the more freedom you will enjoy!


The Kindle DX Reader, Rolls Royce of Kindles

kindle-dx-e-readerIf you want the ultimate Kindle experience then the Kindle DX Reader is the one for you.  It is way bigger than the standard Kindle which some people will like for the great reading experience.  It has 3G capability so you can use it just about anywhere.  The giant screen just makes reading so darn easy, and it would be just as enjoyable for a little old lady from Pine Point or a Kid from Passedumkeag, to read and enjoy.  Personally I don’t need all the bells and whistles, that this model provides, but if you want the best of the best for your electronic reading, the Kindle DX Reader is the one for you.  For those that want a 3G connection that works for free all around the globe (well in over 100 countries so far) and wants a massive 9.7″ display, the

I hope that you do investigate the market and find the electronic reader that will fit your needs.  The bottom line is that the ability to access information easily and at will is the cornerstone of democracy and freedom.  The easier it is for all of us to learn and expand our mind, the better place the world will be.  Having a Kindle has definitely changed my life, and I hope that you will have a similar experience as well.

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