Happy Birthday Helen

Helen Vinal Hilton
Say Happy Birthday To the Greatest Grandmother In History

Today is March 2, 2016, which is not just another day on the calendar, it is the day that my grandmother, Helen Vinal Hilton was born. She would have been 96 this year.

I am sure that most people think great things about their grandmothers, I was fortunate to have two great ones, and to have a positive relationship with both.

Now they have both passed away, there are certain times when their memory comes to my mind more strongly than others, March 2 is one of those days for me.

To give you a little background about Helen, she was without a doubt the sweetest, kindest, most encouraging, loving, and funniest person I have ever met.

We always had a special bond since I can remember.  I have vivid memories of her playing games with us when we were young, you name it we played it, cards, board games.  She always made sure there were things for us to do when we visited with her.

I remember her taking us to movies, to visit Santa Clause, and to the Circus.  (I never liked clowns, and probably wouldn’t have survived and enjoyed the circus if it wasn’t for her. )

One of the most incredible things, my siblings and I all remember about both our father’s parents was the unquestioning welcome they always gave you when you showed up.  I would never have considered ever calling to see if they were home, or giving them any warning at all, I just showed up, as did my brothers and sister.

Not once, did I ever feel like it was an intrusion.  They were always, truly, happy to see me and we always had a great visit.  They usually involved cookies, but we always could just talk about things.  What it was like growing up for her, what World War II was like for them, what various members of the family were up to.

It seemed like we always stayed connected to relatives we didn’t see.  Very often through those conversations.  When my Grandfather was alive, he would chime in as well, and after he passed, Helen and I talked more and more about life.  I valued those conversations then, but treasure the memory of them now.  She was a great lady, great grandmother and a great friend.  I wouldn’t have traded her and her memory for anything else in the world.

So on this day, I am taking a moment to remember, and send some of the love and attention that Helen always gave to me, back to her.  I hope that she knows that no matter whatever else she did in life, she was the Greatest Grandmother In History!

Even though she has been gone for over 15 years, my memories of her and all of her acts of kindness and her melodic laugh live on in my heart.  Happy Birthday Grammy! How do can someone ever say thank you for all that you did and the great example you set for all of us who loved you.

Thankful for the gift my angels gave me.



5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Helen”

  1. That is a truly beautiful memory Jon. I am so grateful that you got to experience that sort of love from your Grandmother – it’s truly priceless. She looks (and sounds) like an incredible woman. Meg

    1. Thank you Meg, this has become a tradition for me to remember her on this day. I think that is the way that she would like it. Sometimes it is hard to believe that it has been so long. She was the kindest person I ever knew.

    1. She was a great woman and friend. I miss her like crazy. I knew when she was alive how lucky I was to know her and am grateful for all of the tremendous things she did for me, just by being her! I thank you for reading and of course commenting. 🙂

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