The Voice In The Heart

“Everyone who has the will, can hear their inner voice. It is within everyone.”  Gandhi

inner voiceToday I am particularly grateful for my inner voice and the fact that I am learning to listen to it.

Turn Down the Noise

Each of our minds is a nonstop factory of thought.  All of our waking hours there are new thoughts being created, old thoughts being revisited and other people’s thoughts being entertained. 002_InnerVoice_AR_241_pg247_600x480_Eleesha_Inspiration_Quote_Affirmation2 We can’t help but think, it is the job of the mind.

But if you listen to what the thoughts tell you, many of them are petty, jealous, and judgmental of others but more importantly of ourselves.  We spend a lot of time making ourselves feel bad about the decisions we have made in the past, where we are in life and what we like to do.   If you entertain that voice and its thoughts you will lack self-confidence and not think much of your abilities.  It is below all that noise that you have to look for the real voice you listen to.

Calm and Let Them Go

When I have a lot of work to do or need an answer that will be youare voicesomething that I can trust, I have to get by those thoughts and listen to the voice in my heart.

Finding this voice is simple but it isn’t easy.  You have to learn to let the incessant thoughts your mind is producing, notice them but then just let them go.  As you do this you will find an increasing sense of quiet in your mind.  As the mind quiets, only then can the voice in your heart be heard.

I Don’t Know Who You Are

There is no advice I can give you about where this voice comes 097_Your_Inner_Voice_AR_96_pg111_600x480_Eleesha_Inspiration_Quote_Affirmationfrom, except to say that it comes from inside of me and it has never been wrong.  Where my mind is often critical and judgmental, this voice has an understanding.

No, you aren’t perfect but this is how things will play out, and here is what you should do.  Always this voice chooses the path that is best for me, yet I still fight against it.  I think I know more and am more intelligent, but clearly, I am not.

Almost all of my failures and shortcomings in activity have come when I let my conscious thoughts guide me.  Do this because it is safe! Do that because it is expected!  Do those things you know because they are safe!  Yet it is the things that I haven’t done that will take me where I want and need to go.

So today, I am grateful for this voice that is inside me, and I hope that I have the will to listen to it and the courage to do what I hear from that voice in my heart.

Don’t be shy, just let your feelings roll on by.





2 thoughts on “The Voice In The Heart”

  1. Good one, Jon.
    Sometimes I wish all decisions (ALL of them. Breakfast included) could be decided by flipping a coin or using a magic eight ball. Fun and efficient right? I’m still working on finding that voice, can’t wait until I do.

    1. “They” say that this voice is within us all. Our subconscious, or the voice of God or some other connection to the almighty. I can not vouch for that but I think that it does exist, behind all of the loud thoughts that seem to tell you what to do, is the answer that knows what to do. All you have to do is learn to listen. You might hear it on a beach in SE Asia, who knows. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Always a treat to see you my friend. 🙂

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